Kick start your digital detox with Roberts

Are you part of the 58% of us who find it impossible to completely switch off, especially at night? When your phone is your alarm clock you can find yourself in an endless cycle of scrolling and refreshing for hours before you make it to sleep … So why not try a Digital Detox?

Avoiding your phone for 90 minutes before bed is a great way to destress and drift off. So, leave your phone downstairs and let the helpful functions of our Roberts Radios sooth you to sleep, waking up feeling more refreshed and ready to face the day. Whether you’re a natural early riser or find those 7am starts the most difficult time of day, these radios can get your digital detox started.


Blutune T2

This sleek and stylish DAB+/DAB/FM compact radio with real wood finish could be the answer to your sleep deprived prayers. Adjustable sleep and snooze timers and changeable digital or analogue clock face offer you a complete customisable experience, so you’ll be well on your way to digital detox! End the aimless Twitter feed scrolling and instead let yourself be woken up with the sound of your favourite morning tunes.


Revival Uno

Does your room have a more cosy, retro feel? This 1950s style radio will complete your vintage haven, dispelling any need for digital distractions and adjustable to your routine. A display dimmer to lower the brightness and a handy bedtime listening function allows you to drift off to the sound of your chosen chilling vibes, whilst a pre-set timer will gradually fade out the audio for you.


Ortus 2

Never again will your Saturday morning lie-in be prematurely interrupted as you’ve forgotten to adjust your weekday alarm. With built-in DAB+/DAB/FM, two alarm timers so you can adjust your wake up for weekdays and weekends and an ‘any-button’ snooze, this clock radio has your priorities sorted. The digital clock display will appear brightly at the touch of a button for when you need to check the time during the night, then fades back to black after ten seconds so your sleep won’t be disturbed.