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Bluetooth Radio

Bluetooth Radios

Wirelessly connect with ease and stream directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Bluetooth Radios

A Bluetooth radio is a type of DAB – Digital Audio Broadcast – radio that has the capacity to connect with other devices and stream music from them. This means that if you have music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Prime Music or Deezer on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can use the Bluetooth connection to amplify the music from your radio.

A lot of new
DAB radios come with Bluetooth streaming enabled. You can also stream music from your devices to Bluetooth speakers.

A DAB radio works by using a receiver that scans for digital radio signals and automatically connects to them, allowing you to listen to broadcasts. You don’t need to tune a DAB radio to find stations, as you would with FM stations. DAB radios have an internal memory too, so you can save and store channels when they have been located. Every time you switch the radio on, those stations are there, ready for you to enjoy.

DAB Bluetooth radio is essentially a digital radio with the capability of using a bluetooth connection to stream to other digital devices that have music subscription services on them. When you activate the bluetooth function on your DAB radio, you will be invited to pair with another nearby device – such as a smartphone. Do that, and you can then select the music you want to play from your smartphone, using the DAB Bluetooth radio like a set of speakers.

You can buy a DAB radio without bluetooth – though many products already come with it integrated – and a pair of Bluetooth speakers, through which to stream music. Buf if you want an all-in-one radio that does it all, a DAB radio with bluetooth is your best choice.

Roberts has an attractive range of Bluetooth radios, all providing crystal-clear sound and available in a selection of inspirational styles and designs. Many of the products in our bluetooth radio collection have a retro and classic look, and they come in a wide choice of colours so they’ll fit in with any room.

Connection to bluetooth is simple, so you can enjoy great sound in no time at all. Some, like the
Revival iStream3L Platinum, have Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music built in, so you don’t necessarily have to stream from a separate device at all. You can also listen to podcasts, too.

If you want to listen privately and lose yourself in music, you can plug headphones in. And, a lot of our
Bluetooth Radios work even if positioned some distance from a smartphone or tablet; some products have a range of 10m, though it’s better to be within three metres for optimum sound quality.

At Roberts, we have a good choice of Bluetooth radios offering a range of features. Two of our most popular ranges are the Rambler and the Revival, which include small and compact versions that offer the perfect space-saving solution. As well as different styles, there are also lots of colour options, from classic black and grey to more eclectic themes, such as duck egg, vibrant pink, fresh yellow and green.

If you’re looking to buy a
bluetooth radio, make sure you read through the specifications, features and highlights first. Some features will be included on some products and not on others. All are portable and can run on battery power as well as mains, some have streaming services such as Spotify built-in, some are also fitted with alarms, if you want one for your bedside. 

The development of Bluetooth Wireless Technology, which enabled connections to multiple digital devices, is widely credited to collaboration between three Scandinavian tech giants. Nokia, Ericsson and Intel merged forces and minds to invent Bluetooth. The name was inspired by the nickname of the king who united Denmark and Norway in 958 – King Harald Gormsson. Initially just the project name, the title stuck and remained in place.

Dr Jaap Haartsen, while working with Ericsson, had already made a breakthrough with radio frequencies and ways to make Bluetooth connections reliable. The first Bluetooth device was a mobile headset, in 1999, followed by the Ericsson t36, a mobile phone. Bluetooth was then developed and incorporated into lots of other products, including
Bluetooth radio.

Bluetooth Radios Frequently Asked Questions

You get great sound quality from a Bluetooth radio. Many of the Bluetooth digital radios from Roberts Radio deliver crystal clear sound.

It’s easy to use a Bluetooth radio. Just turn on your radio, and all the available channels will be automatically scanned and added to your list. 

Check the instructions that are provided with your Bluetooth radio, but usually the set-up is similar across products. Use the mode or menu function to find bluetooth – it should give you the option of pairing with the device you want to connect. Make sure that device – your smartphone, for example – is turned on and close by. You can then connect and use it to stream sound.

A DAB radio with Bluetooth should tune and re-tune automatically. You shouldn’t need to manually re-tune your radio to find new channels. Occasionally, some channels might change frequency, and new channels will be added as they become available. Your Bluetooth radio should scan for these changes and additions and add them to your channel list.


With over 90 years of audio expertise, Roberts proudly produces a range of Bluetooth enabled DAB radios. Take advantage of exquisite sound quality and seamless Bluetooth connectivity to listen to your favourite radio stations, playlists and podcasts.