Internet Radios

With our range of Internet Radios, you can listen to radio stations from around the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Internet Radios, you can listen to almost infinite radio stations from around the globe. Radio stations are grouped into categories based on location, music type and genre and are an easy way to source new stations based on your preferences. You can also listen to podcasts and find the most popular internet radio stations. You will require an Internet connection for your radio to work, and with a good Internet connection you will be able to stream high quality radio.

In our current range, the following radio models support Spotify Premium & Spotify Free - Revival iStream 3, Stream 67 & Stream 94i.

None of the radios in our range currently support YouTube Music. However you could stream your YouTube Music to your radio via Bluetooth. Please note there maybe a timing issue between the video and audio.

None of the radios in our range currently support Apple Music. However, you may be able to access Apple Music using an app and then stream to your product via Bluetooth from your Apple device.

This usually means that the network password has been entered incorrectly and that the connection was therefore refused by the selected modem/router. Please ensure you are connecting to the correct network (usually marked as SSID or Network Name on your modem/router). Try entering the network password again keeping in mind that the password is case sensitive. If the radio still shows "Failed to connect" after re-entering the network password, please double check that you are entering the Wi-Fi password and not the admin password for your router.

This usually means that your modem/router is blocking the connection. You can try resolving the issue by unplugging your modem/router for 10 seconds and then plugging it back in. Once all of the lights on the router are back to normal, attempt the connection again. Should problems persist, please contact us for assistance.

If the mesh network is not configured correctly there can be an illegal data / address conflicts which will cause the product to reboot. If you go into the mesh network settings, and ensure the ‘DHCP & NAT’ setting is changed from ‘Automatic’ to ‘Bridge’. Then log back onto the network. Should the problem persist please refer to your mesh network provider

With over 90 years of audio expertise, Roberts proudly produces some of the best internet radios in the industry, providing crystal clear sound and accessing the best radio and internet stations around the world. With seamless streaming and Bluetooth connectivity, our smart speaker will elevate your home radio listening.