Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse

iStream3L X Amy Edition

As champions of British music and culture, we’re honoured to be collaborating with the Amy Winehouse Foundation*, celebrating the life and legacy of one of Britain’s most beloved musicians.

We’re paying homage to Amy’s unrivalled legacy with the release of a Limited Edition range. The latest release transforms a product Amy owned and loved, the Roberts Revival, and combines the latest audio tech with her iconic style.

Limited Edition

iStream3L X Amy Edition

In a truly iconic collaboration, the Special Edition Revival iStream3L celebrates Amy Winehouse’s timeless style.

Special edition

In a collaboration that sees a percentage of profits going to the Amy Winehouse Foundation*- inspiring young people to build self-esteem and resilience, we're celebrating the life and legacy of one of Britain's most beloved musicians. Amy Winehouse.

The portable, acoustically tuned wooden cabinet stays true to the iconic 1950’s Roberts design.

Inspired by the outfit Amy Winehouse wore to perform at the 2008 Brit Awards.

Classic design with all the modern audio features.

Iconic Style

Inspired by the outfit Amy Winehouse wore during the 2008 Brit Awards, the reimagined Revival iStream 3L features a leopard print front paired with red back panel and engraved Amy logo.

Limited Edition

With production limited to 500 for this unique collaboration, this is a chance to add distinct sound and style to your home.

Special edition

Our Roberts x Amy RT200 Edition turntable is the perfect companion for your much-loved Amy Winehouse records. Each of the 50 limited edition turntables is engraved with its number in the collection, making each one totally unique.

Engravings of Amy’s beautiful heart-shaped doodles and signature adorn the front of the record player.

The exclusive turntable mat features a striking print of Amy’s signature in the centre.

The RT200’s classic retro look is brought to life with our rich Roberts sound.

Timeless Style

Renowned for her retro style Amy Winehouse owned many vintage-style Roberts radios. Her beloved pink Roberts Revival is currently on display at the ‘Amy: Beyond the Stage’ exhibit at the Design Museum.

Amy Winehouse Foundation

Amy’s legacy continues to live on through the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which will receive a percentage of our collaboration’s proceeds. The charity was set up by Amy’s family in her memory and works to inspire children and young people to build their self-esteem and resilience. 

“We are delighted to be commemorating Amy’s life and career whilst raising funds for the Amy Winehouse Foundation through such a unique partnership. Roberts was very close to Amy’s heart and truly expressed her retro style; we know Amy’s fans will love and cherish this design for years to come.”

Jane Winehouse - Amy Winehouse Foundation

The Amy Winehouse and Amy trade marks (and related copyrights) are the property of the Estate of Amy Winehouse. 4.3% of the sale price of the Roberts iStream3L X Amy Edition goes to the Amy Winehouse Foundation (Reg. Charity no: 1143740). 5.4% of the sale price of the Roberts RT200 X Amy Edition goes to the Amy Winehouse Foundation (Reg. Charity no: 1143740). This represents the amount which would have been due to the Estate of Amy Winehouse, which has waived its entitlement to its share of the profits in favour of the charity.