Clock Radios
Clock Radios

Clock Radios

Wake up on time and upbeat with these ultimate bedside companions.
Alarm simplicity

Ortus FM

The Ortus FM is your essential bedside companion, featuring dual alarms with snooze. Listening to FM radio is a breeze with 5 dedicated preset buttons. The large auto-dimming LED display is easy to read, and the backup battery saves alarm settings in event of power cut.

“Fab quality, super easy set up! Looks amazing on the bedside table and is helping to wake up more naturally.”

Amazing! Exceptional sound - true Roberts!

Clock Radios

A clock radio has both an alarm clock and a radio built into the same device. This means you can set the alarm to alert you at a set time, and instead of making a generic noise, you can wake up to sound, instead. The alarm will connect with the radio station of your choice, so you’ll open your eyes to music, or the news, for example. Whatever you choose.

A Radio Controlled Clock (RCC) has two components. An antenna is used to pick up radio signals, while a circuit decodes those signals. Unlike a clock or watch, which needs you to set the time manually, a RCC takes the information from radio signals and adjusts the time automatically.

At Roberts Radio, we have a range of alarm clocks fitted with DAB and DAB+ so you can have easy access to crystal-clear sound. Some of our clock radios are Bluetooth-enabled, too, so you can stream music from a smartphone or tablet.

Explore our selection of radio controlled alarm clocks and find the perfect one for you. We have a brilliant range of clock radios, from compact, pocket size products to larger alarm radios.

Most come with DAB and DAB+ radio, and some are Bluetooth-enabled too, so you can stream music and podcasts. But, if you prefer more of a retro style
clock radio we have an analogue model too, which tunes to FM channels.

Key features of
clock radios at Roberts include USB smartphone charging and LED display – so the time is clearly visible at all times – and some have dual alarms.

And, if you don’t want to wake up to music, you can choose an alarm clock radio that also has ambient, natural sounds for a gentler start to the day. Some types also have the option.

Though the first alarm clock dates all the way back to 1787, the first radio alarm clock was reportedly invented much later in the 1940s by two Americans – James Reynolds and Paul Schroth Snr. The first real clock radio of note was the Sony Dream Machine, which was released in 1968 and featured a snooze button and a built-in FM and AM radio.


Frequently Asked Questions

When you receive your Roberts radio controlled clock, read the instructions included to get it quickly set up. It’s usually quick and easy, though the process might differ slightly from product to product. You can find user manuals  for our clock radios here.

A DAB radio will automatically check the time every hour, and adjust to the correct time if needed.

Sometimes, you’ll need to tune or retune your clock radio. Channels occasionally change frequency or new ones are added. All you need to know is press the auto tune button on your DAB radio and it will automatically scan and tune to channels.

A DAB radio alarm clock uses a receiver to pick up digital signals that are broadcast in the air. Those radio stations are then added to the DAB radio, and appear in your channel list.

Your DAB clock radio should be able to pick up all radio stations, especially if it also has DAB+ capability. Where you live is a factor on how many radio stations you can pick up. You can use this helpful postcode checker on digitalradioUK to see what channels you should get access to.

This depends on the type of DAB radio alarm clock you have. Most provide the option of an alarm that links to a chosen radio channel, so you can wake up to music from your favourite station. Clock radios also usually have a buzzer alarm. Some also have generic sounds of nature, so you can set your alarm to wake you to birdsong, for example.

With over 90 years of audio expertise, Roberts proudly produces a range of radio alarm clocks which both tell you the time and also play many radio stations on either AM/FM, DAB or DAB+.