Perfectly blending form and function, bring your vinyl collection and home interior to life.

“I treated myself to this turntable this weekend, very well packaged indeed, easy to assemble, plugged in speakers and I put the first LP and I was wowed with the quality of the sound, and my record collection came back to life, as crisp as the day it was pressed. No motor sound just wonderful sounds from a crafted product, worth every penny.”

Mr Owl

Frequently Asked Questions

The RT100 and RT200 do not have built-in Bluetooth transmitters and cannot be connected to other devices via Bluetooth alone. However it is possible to buy a stand-alone Bluetooth transmitter and connect this to the turntable. 

This depends on the model you have chosen. Both RT100 & RT200 can playback records at either 33 or 45 r.p.m speed. The anti-skating control ensures the styli accurately sits in the groove of the record and the built-in preamplifier ensures it can be played through an external amplifier. The speed is assured using a belt drive (RT100), or a superior direct drive motor (RT200), the turntable turns holding your record and the tonearm connects the sound. 

The diameter of belt varies from manufacturer /model. Please check with our service department should you require a replacement. 

No, CD uses a different method to read the sound, using a laser. Roberts turntables play vinyl records only. 

With care a stylus, (needle) should last for several hundreds of hours. If the stylus is damaged, then this requires changing and can be purchased from our service department. Please contact us for more information. 

While best known for our radios, Roberts also has a range of sleek turntables to elevate your music. Dust off your vinyls and let our record players bring your classic collection to life with incredible sound quality