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Smart Radios

Listen to thousands of local, national and international stations and stream your favourite podcasts via our Wi-Fi enabled Smart Radio range combining FM, DAB+ and Internet Radio.
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Smart Radios

Unlock a new world of audio with our range of Smart Radios. Play thousands of the best radio stations from around the globe, based on location, genre and more to help find the sound best for you. With seamless streaming and Bluetooth connectivity our selection of Smart Radios will elevate your home radio listening.

Smart Radios

Smart radios deliver a combination of digital radio, or DAB, connectivity to the internet, and analogue radio, FM.

With a smart radio, you can listen to a vast range of internet stations from around the globe, from wherever you are. This provides the listener with a huge choice of internet radio stations, as well as access to music streaming services and podcasts. Because a smart radio connects to the internet, it will also automatically receive software updates.

Smart radios, or internet radios, don’t have a transmitter like a DAB radio. They upload an audio stream to a server, and then that stream is available to anyone who is using a smart radio that can connect to the internet. This means a user should be able to listen to a wider range of radio stations, even if you’re located in another part of the world and using a smart radio in the UK.

A Roberts Smart radio allows you to enjoy music from all over the world. Our range of smart radio products deliver wonderful sound quality, via the internet, and also have DAB, DAB+ functions, and Bluetooth connectivity. This gives you the full range of options, to listen to music, radio and podcasts exactly the way you want to.

The Roberts Smart Radio collection includes the iStream3L X Amy Edition, Revival iStream3L Platinum, Revival iStream 3L, Stream 94L and the Stream 67. Some of these also come with built-in streaming services, including Deezer, Amazon Music and Spotify.

Smart Radios Frequently Asked Questions

To set up your smart radio, simply follow the instructions that were included with your product. When using your smart radio for the first time, you will typically be shown a message to activate ’start up wizard’. This will take you through every step required to set your smart radio up.

You can find user manuals for Roberts Smart Radios here and read Frequently Asked Questions about smart and internet radio here.


A radio is classed as a smart radio if it can connect to the internet. If you want to buy a smart radio, look for a product with a smart radio logo, or make sure you’re viewing the correct category online. They should be listed as a smart radio, or an internet radio, or include that function in the product description.

Smart radios should be able to pick up all radio stations broadcasting online. Unlike old, traditional radio, you won’t need to be in frequency range to pick up a radio station. You will need to have an internet connection though, so if you’re away from home, make sure you still have access to WiFi.

Tuning or retuning a smart radio should be quick and relatively simple. Just select the tune or autotune option and your smart radio will scan for stations.