Damson Petite

Damson Petite

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The autumn calls for richer, bolder, warmer shades – and John Lewis answered.

As the days get a little cosier, and balmy summer evenings have been exchanged for heavier knits, spiced scents and home-cooked, heartier, favourites; secretly we all desire for our tranquil abodes to manifest this warmer, wrapped up, feeling.

The solution? Damson.

Dubbed the colour of the season by John Lewis, it’s the purplish, plum, shade you never knew you needed to accentuate the nooks and crevices in your haven, take over accent walls, or spruce up furnishings to ready your home for the latter months of at-home respite and hibernation.

If this colour could pack characteristics, it’d adopt a soft plush velour surface, brimming with understated elegance.

John Lewis' colour expert, Melanie Archer, explains ‘Damson is the perfect shade for autumn, both a bold and harmonious colour, it works effortlessly into customers' existing schemes, which was important to us when making a decision.’

Head product designer, Daniel Fletcher, married this sumptuous shade with Roberts’ little but loud Revival Petite.

“The Petite Damson adds a new colour to the amazingly popular Roberts Revival Petite range. The key to the Petite’s popularity I think is down to its sheer cuteness and quality look and feel with a vegan leather exterior over engineered wooden cabinet. The rear mounted passive radiator and neodymium front facing loudspeaker, create a warm sound with a rich and smooth bass, pairing harmoniously with the visuals of this deep, powerful, Damson colour.”

Roberts Revival Petite adds a spot-on amount of Damson to any room, a statement piece all on its own, without dividing attention from existing interior. The perfect dose of Damson while escaping over investment into the shade of the season.

With its portable nature, you can share the warm autumnal vibes in each room of the house, at gatherings with friends and family, or admire it all to yourself during those cosy evenings in.


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