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Bluetooth Speakers

The Roberts Bluetooth Speakers range is designed to express your personality in sound and style.
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A portable, powerful, Blutooth 5.0 speaker featuring 360 audio. Wirelessly stream music directly from your phone, with crystal-clear sound, microphone for calls, and IPX7 for waterproofed listening.

Bluetooth Speaker

Why Buy a Roberts Bluetooth Speaker?

Roberts has been synonymous with delivering perfect sound quality for 90 years, with premium-quality products, and we’re proud of our portable Bluetooth speaker collection.

Bluetooth Speakers

A Bluetooth speaker is a device that enables you to play music from another device – like a smartphone, or a tablet. They’re available in lots of different styles and designs, but don’t have wires that need connecting to anything to work. A Bluetooth speaker connects wirelessly to your chosen device. 

The Roberts range of Bluetooth speakers include the Beacon 310, Beacon 320 & Beacon 330. These are portable Bluetooth speakers that connect to a Bluetooth device such as a smartphone, tablet or PC to stream to audio. 

A Bluetooth speaker works in a similar way to the stereo in your car. It connects to the source of the sound. For example, if you have music streaming on your phone – Apple Music or Spotify, perhaps – you can connect it to your Bluetooth speaker to play music through it. It’s easy to do. In your phone’s settings menu, select the option to enable Bluetooth. You should then see an option to pair to a new device, if you’re setting up a portable Bluetooth speaker for the first time, or connect to nearby devices. 

Make sure the Bluetooth speaker is switched on, and it should show as one of the available devices. Simply select it, and enjoy your music with excellent sound quality.

Roberts has been synonymous with delivering perfect sound quality for 90 years, with premium-quality products, and we’re proud of our portable Bluetooth speaker collection. The Beacon Bluetooth speaker range delivers superb music and sound quality from stylish, retro-inspired designs.

Choose from the
Beacon 330, Beacon 320 or Beacon 310.  These Bluetooth speakers provide crystal-clear audio and are capable of between 12-15 hours of portable play before needing to be recharged again, so you can listen to music all day, if you like. The Beacon range comes in a choice of fashionable colours, including duck egg, berry red, sunburst yellow, dusky pink and pastel cream, so they’re distinctive and individual, and look great around the home.

Like all Roberts products, our
Bluetooth speakers come complete with a two-year warranty and free two-day delivery.


When shopping for wireless Bluetooth speakers, you’ll find a wide range, giving you lots of choice. The best type of Bluetooth speaker for you depends on exactly what you want it for; sound quality is generally very good across most products but if you want a speaker for a party, you’ll want more of a ‘boom box’ model that’s capable of projecting a big sound.

Other factors to consider when choosing a Bluetooth speaker – aside from budget, for prices vary significantly – include battery life, style and size. Some of the best Bluetooth speakers are compact, and just a few inches high or wide, so they can fit into the smallest of spaces but still deliver excellent sound. Wireless Bluetooth speakers are portable, and some are waterproof too – useful if you’re taking yours outside, or on holiday by the pool.

As well as standalone Bluetooth speakers, many DAB radios have Bluetooth connectivity, so you can use them to play music through too.

The creation of Bluetooth technology is widely credited to Dr Jaap Haartsen, who conceived it while working at Swedish company Ericsson in 1994. It was then developed by four other corporations alongside Ericsson – Nika, Toshiba, Intel and International Business Machines Corporation. The first Bluetooth specification was published in 1999, with the first mobile phone – a Sony Ericsson – with Bluetooth launched in 2001.

Since then, the high-speed wireless technology used by Bluetooth has been developed further. The first Bluetooth speaker was believed to be launched in 2006, released by a company called Soundmatters. The Bluetooth 5 version was released in 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

Portable Bluetooth speakers can be taken around the house or garden with you for uninterrupted listening. 

The Beacon 330, Beacon 320 and Beacon 310 do not "work with Alexa" or other voice activated products, but you can connect your smartphone to the Beacon and play via Bluetooth.

The Beacon 310 offers a passive bass radiator, the Beacon 330 and Beacon 320 both offer dual passive bass radiators, and all three offer total portability and aux-in to connect non-Bluetooth devices and come in a range of colour options. The Beacon 310 has a plastic finish, the Beacon 320 has a chrome finish and the Beacon 330 has a gold finish. The Beacon 330, our top of the range speaker offers EQ and Bass Boost options, USB charging, the option to charge your phone via the USB port and stereo pairing with another Beacon 330.

Two Beacon 330 speakers can be wirelessly paired together for stereo sound.

Wireless, or portable, speakers allow the playback of your favourite tracks using Bluetooth. Roberts ‘Beacon’ Bluetooth speakers, thanks to the built in rechargeable battery can be taken around the home without the need to plug into the mains (except for when charging). The Roberts range of Bluetooth speakers connect to Bluetooth devices enabling you to stream your favourite tracks. 

The Beacon 330, Beacon 320 and Beacon 310 connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smartphone. If Bluetooth is not available from your favourite streaming device (smartphone, PC etc), connect via the Aux input using a 3.5mm stereo jack plug. Other than the Beacon 330 connected to another 330 for stereo pairing, the Beacon cannot transmit Bluetooth to other speakers or headphones.

The Beacon 330, Beacon 320 and Beacon 310 do not have a built in radio functionality, however you can access radio on your smartphone and stream via Bluetooth. Take a look at our radios on the 'Radios' section of our website:

Whilst the Speaker is powered from a rechargable battery, you can use it when also connected to the mains

Beacon 310, Beacon 320 & Beacon 330 can be connected to an aux-in connection to play from non-Bluetooth devices. 

Play your Beacon for up to 12 (Beacon 310, Beacon 320, Beacon 325) or 15 (Beacon 325, Beacon 330,) hours before having to recharge, so you can listen inside, outside, or on-the-go from sunrise to sundown. 

Looking for stylish, durable Bluetooth speakers with exceptional sound quality? The Roberts Beacon range offers all this and more.

Enjoy your Bluetooth speaker at home, outside in the garden, or take it with you on your travels. Stream your favourite playlists, podcasts, audio books, and international radio stations in an instant. With up to 15 hours portable play time, our wireless Bluetooth speakers are ready when you are!

Our iconic retro style Bluetooth speakers are available in black, yellow, red, pink, and blue, so you’ll be sure to find a Bluetooth speaker that reflects your style and personality.