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DAB Radios

Enjoy the crystal-clear quality of digital radio across our DAB/DAB+ range – including portable DAB radios or those for pride of place in the kitchen or living room.

DAB Radios

Digital Audio Broadcast, (DAB) Radio uses digital technology to distribute your favourite radio stations. Due to the digital method of broadcasting, more stations, including unique digital only stations, are available in digital clear audio. DAB radios that are DAB+ enabled can provide access to an even wider range of radio stations. 

A DAB radio has many benefits. As well as being able to listen to more radio stations, the sound quality is typically much clearer, compared to FM. Finding and changing channels is easy, with channels displayed in alphabetical order, and when songs are playing it’s also possible to read information on the artist and title – not features available on FM radio.

DAB Radios work by transmitting through digital instead of analogue. FM stations have quite specific, narrow, frequency bands, so listeners have to search for that frequency to find the station they want. Fall just outside, and you’ll be greeted with silence, or white noise, instead.

DAB radio uses digital technology which combines a number of stations into a group called a multiplex. There are several multiplexes across the radio band. These national multiplexes are on the same frequency throughout the UK and form what is called a single frequency network. So, a DAB radio scans for available stations, so you don’t need to search yourself using a dial or button. You can access them like you would flicking through the channels on your TV.

At Roberts, we have a rich heritage of making exceptional audio products. We’ve been around since 1932, so we know what we’re talking about. We’ve been delivering 90 years of sound and are still going strong. If you’re looking for a DAB Radio, you’ve definitely come to the right place – we have a great range of DAB radios. Browse our online Roberts DAB radio store to find out more about our selection of styles and designs, from classic to retro, petite to colourful. All our DAB radios come with a free two year warranty, and free two day delivery.

DAB radios come in a wide choice of different sizes, styles, designs and functionality. Most essentially provide the same main purpose, which is access to radio channels. You can buy a DAB radio and also a DAB+ radio, which enables you to find more channels; most new products come with DAB+ capability. Depending on the type of Roberts DAB radio you choose, you’ll also be able to enjoy other functions. Some models have built-in music streaming services, such as Spotify or Deezer. 

Others have Bluetooth connectivity, so you can stream music from your smartphone to your DAB radio and use its speakers to play great sound. Some DAB radios need batteries, while some are powered by plugging in using a USB-C charger – some can do both. There are even DAB radio products with alarm clocks, so you can wake to music.

DAB – Digital Audio Broadcasting – technology might feel relatively modern, though it was actually first developed in the 1980s, and introduced in the UK in the 1990s. The BBC turned on its DAB service in 1995. DAB radio has gradually become more popular since then, with a growing range of stations available on the digital radio network, and the prices of DAB radios more accessible in comparison to the early days. DAB+ started broadcasting in 2016.

Although it’s likely to happen at some point in the future, the full UK-wide switchover to DAB hasn’t taken place. FM radio stations still operate, which is why many Roberts DAB radio products also provide access to FM – digital broadcasting works much better in urban areas – towns and cities – than in the countryside, so some parts of the UK may struggle to access radio through DAB.

Frequently Asked Questions

DAB+ is an updated and more efficient version of DAB which allows more stations to be broadcast and sometimes in a higher quality. 

The sound quality on DAB Radios is generally more robust compared to FM, where you will find an increase in background hiss in weaker areas. Being a digital system, DAB will either work or not work. Please note the audio quality is the hands of the broadcaster. With some events, such as the ‘BBC Proms’ the broadcaster can increase the data rate, (audio quality) to match the occasion.   

Tuning and finding your favourite station is so simple. No longer do you have to remember the station frequency; you simply select your preferred station via a rotary control and select the station once you have found it. If you have moved to a new area, then a simple retune is all that is required from the button marked ‘Retune’ on some of our DAB radio products. If there is no physical “Auto Tune” button on the radio it will be accessible via the settings menu.  

The iStream 3, Stream 67 and Stream 94i’s Internet radio functionality will work abroad, as all they need is a working internet connection. FM/DAB/DAB+ radio stations can be received so long as the local broadcaster is using the same standards as the UK & Europe and you are in their transmission range. 

DAB reception depends on which digital radio player you have and the country you are in. Most of Europe and Asia implement the DAB transmission system however it is currently unavailable in the Americas. The UK typically uses DAB with an increasing use of DAB+ for new stations, whereas DAB+ is used across most of Europe and Asia. Roberts Radios manufactured after 2014 should all support DAB+ and are therefore able to access digital radio stations abroad. If you are unsure, please verify if your user manual mentions DAB+ or contact us for assistance. Before taking your radio abroad, we recommend performing a factory reset and switching the radio off prior to its scan for radio stations. It will automatically scan for available radio stations when using it in your new location.

In addition, unless you are using the radio off batteries, please ensure if the radio has a mains adapter is compatible with the country you are are travelling too.

Simply identify your preferred station by the station name using the rotary control and then press select. 

Most of the UK population should receive a good signal, if in doubt you can check the ‘postcode checker to confirm how strong and which stations you will receive. Most Roberts DAB radios come equipped with their own telescopic aerial. Check the strength of the DAB connection in your area via [link] 

Not yet. BBC services currently cover approximately 97% of the population and commercial services cover 90%. We recommend using the DAB postcode checker on the home page to identify which stations you can receive. Some stations are exclusive to DAB.

Look out for ‘FM’ in the product specifications under ‘Radio Wavebands’ on each product page 

Roberts radios come in a variety of colours from Sunburst Yellow to Duck Egg. Keep checking the Roberts website for all new colours. 

Not yet. BBC services currently cover approximately 97% of the population and commercial services cover 90%. We recommend using the DAB postcode checker on the home page to identify which stations you can receive.

You can buy aerials to try to improve an area with poor reception. 

If you were to listen to the same station on two radios, one analogue and one DAB, you would notice a slight delay on the digital radio. All station transmissions start as an analogue broadcast, these are then transformed into a digital transmission. In order for your radio to play its audio, it must buffer and then decode the digital signal. This process usually takes a few seconds – resulting in the delay.

As the name suggests, a DAB+ radio is an upgraded version of a DAB radio. If you have a DAB+ radio, you’ll be able to access a far wider range of channels compared to a DAB radio – perhaps as many as 60. If you have an older DAB radio, you may need to upgrade it to be able to receive DAB+  but many new models – and most stocked here at Roberts – already have that capability.

There’s an easy way to check if the radio you want is DAB+ enabled as it should be included in the description of the product. You can also look for something called the Digital Radio Tick Mark, which indicates that it can receive DAB+ stations.

Many types of DAB radio come with Bluetooth – but not all of them, so do check before you buy. 

If a DAB radio is equipped with Bluetooth, you can connect to other devices to play music through your DAB radio - such as your smartphone or tablet. A DAB radio with Bluetooth can be used like a speaker to stream music.

With over 90 years of audio expertise, Roberts proudly produces some of the highest quality portable DAB radios. Listen to local radio stations as well as DAB and DAB+ radio stations, filling your home with the best audio quality sounds. Our radios come in all different colours and styles to suit your home and how you want to listen. Find the perfect radio for your home.