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DAB Radios

Enjoy the crystal-clear quality of digital radio across our DAB/DAB+ range – including portable DAB radios or those for pride of place in the kitchen or living room.

Frequently Asked Questions

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and is a digital radio service. DAB+ enables even more radio stations to be broadcast. 

Not yet. BBC services currently cover approximately 97% of the population and commercial services cover 90%. We recommend using the DAB postcode checker on the home page to identify which stations you can receive.

If you were to listen to the same station on two radios, one analogue and one DAB, you would notice a slight delay on the digital radio. All station transmissions start as an analogue broadcast, these are then transformed into a digital transmission. In order for your radio to play its audio, it must buffer and then decode the digital signal. This process usually takes a few seconds – resulting in the delay.

This depends on which digital radio player you have and the country you are in. Most of Europe and Asia implement the DAB transmission system however it is currently unavailable in the Americas. The UK typically uses DAB with an increasing use of DAB+ for new stations, whereas DAB+ is used across most of Europe and Asia. Roberts Radios manufactured after 2014 should all support DAB+ and are therefore able to access digital radio stations abroad. If you are unsure, please verify if your user manual mentions DAB+ or contact us for assistance. Before taking your radio abroad, we recommend performing a factory reset and switching the radio off prior to its scan for radio stations. It will automatically scan for available radio stations when using it in your new location.

In addition, unless you are using the radio off batteries, please ensure if the radio has a mains adapter is compatible with the country you are are travelling too.

With over 90 years of audio expertise, Roberts proudly produces some of the highest quality portable DAB radios. Listen to local radio stations as well as DAB and DAB+ radio stations, filling your home with the best audio quality sounds. Our radios come in all different colours and styles to suit your home and how you want to listen. Find the perfect radio for your home.