Stream 94i

Sensational Sound from the Stream 94i

Now with FREE battery pack, for a limited time only.
Save £24.99

Zoombox 3 Bundle

Discover the best of digital radio and play CDs or from USB or SD card on the Zoombox 3. This exclusive bundle comes with FREE Chronologic VI clock radio.

Bluetooth Speakers

Rich, crystal clear sound

The culmination of nearly 90 years of audio excellence, the Roberts Beacon blends the latest audio engineering with intuitive and distinct design.


Bring your vinyl collection to life

Bring both your vinyl collection and home interior to life with the RT100 & RT200 turntables.

Clock Radios

On time and in tune

From digital to analogue, DAB+ to FM, big or small – find the bedside companion with all the features you need. Get a FREE Pillow Talk when you buy the Ortus 3 in black or white, for a limited time only.

Refurbished Radios

A sustainable second life

A Roberts is designed to last, which is why we love to give our products an extra life in our Refurbished store. We are committed to finding sustainable solutions across all aspects of our business and guarantee Roberts quality across the range.

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Man in kitchen cooking while listening to an iStream 3 in White

British Audio Designed to Excite the Senses.

Roberts is much more than a radio or a speaker. It’s something to take pride of place in the home. To be seen, touched, and heard. A way to create an experience out of everyday listening.