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Turn on your oven and crank up the music. Discover our selection of the best radios for the kitchen.
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Kitchen Radios

In many ways, the kitchen is the heart of any home. The place where we spend so much of our time meal prepping, cooking, socialising, entertaining, bonding as a family. Modern kitchens are no longer just used for practical tasks – they’re also rooms to relax and spend time in, especially in open-plan living design areas. So, it makes sense that the kitchen is infused with laughter, entertainment, fun and music – and a kitchen radio from Roberts can help to create the perfect atmosphere.

At Roberts, we have a selection of kitchen radios in a choice of different sizes, styles and designs so you can enjoy perfect sound while making a cup of coffee or enjoying a cosy dinner.

Whatever the style, size or look of your kitchen, at Roberts we’ve got the perfect kitchen radio for you. Explore our full range, which starts from as low as £99.

Most of our kitchen DAB radios are designed with a retro theme, available in a selection of cool colours. We don’t do plain white and grey as such – though we have variations on those – but instead offer eye-catching tones including duck egg, dusky pink, midnight blue and sunburst yellow to add some character to the kitchen.

Many of the
kitchen radios we have available come with Bluetooth connectivity, so as well as listening to the radio, you can stream music from a smartphone. Some come with music streaming services, such as Spotify and Amazon Music, already built in. All of our kitchen radios are portable, so they can be repositioned as you choose, and have hours and hours of portable play, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted music.

If you need a
DAB kitchen radio for a small space, choose one of our compact designs – the Revival MINI fits snugly almost anywhere.

Kitchen Radios Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between a DAB and DAB+ kitchen radio is that a DAB+ radio is a more efficient model. A DAB+ is an upgrade on a DAB radio and provides access to a greater number of stations. Most new radios – including those in the Roberts kitchen radio collection – are both DAB and DAB+ enabled anyway.

Tuning and re-tuning a DAB kitchen radio should be quick and simple. Unlike FM radios, where you need to search for channels, with most DAB radios you just need to press the auto tune or auto scan button, and your radio will find all available channels.

With new channels available regularly, it’s a good idea to re-tune your
DAB kitchen radio from time to time to pick these up.

No. A DAB or DAB+ radio will only pick up stations within their transmission range, so you’ll be able to listen to stations and services within that range. The digital radio stations you can listen to when at home – in the UK – all come from UK transmitters.

You should check each specific product but mainly yes – most of the kitchen radios stocked by Roberts come with Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to stream music from a smartphone or tablet device.

Yes, if you take your DAB kitchen radio abroad – on holiday, for example – it will still work, though it won’t pick up the same radio stations you listen to at home. You’ll be able to find and listen to radio stations within range in the country you’re visiting.

Generally, DAB kitchen radios deliver excellent listening quality. Occasionally though, you might find the sound not as clear in areas with a poor reception or weaker connection. If this is the case, it might be because the station you’re listening to has changed frequency. Rescanning your network can help. Or, try moving the position of your kitchen radio to see if there’s any improvement.

Of course! Kitchen radios from Roberts are portable and easy to carry, so they can be removed around the house as much as you like. You’ll get the same high level of sound quality. You can even take a DAB kitchen radio into the garden during the summer, if you like.

If you want the extra convenience of using a remote control to change the channels and manage the volume on your DAB radio, some Roberts kitchen radios do include a remote control. The Stream 94L, which has a full colour screen and built-in Amazon Music, Spotify and Deezer, is one example. Of course, all our kitchen radios are portable in any case, so they can be moved and re-positioned easily.