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Radios that Pop!

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How Colourful Designs are Taking the Audio World by Storm

On the surface, audio equipment need not be a bright and bold piece of technology in your household. It’s all about the sound, so why move away from the classic black radio? Well, this is certainly true in as much you’re always going to want high quality sound over anything else from your equipment but that doesn’t mean you need neglect other aspects.

Coloured Radios to Match Your Taste

Both our music interests and taste in design are inherently tied to how we express our identities, with the unique flavour of what we listen to and how we dress, decorate our houses or approach interior design being an ever-changing milieu, a shifting paradigm of what we believe ourselves to be. As such, getting a radio that matches our tastes is more than just an aesthetic decision.

Take for example, the green fingered amongst us. Let us suppose you have a conservatory filled with foliage, a thousand tiny little buds waiting to bloom, and you leave the radio on for them to respond to and help them flourish. But do you choose a green radio that complements the leafy outlay, or a wood radio that has a naturalistic design that further brings you closer to the feeling of being in nature? Alternatively, perhaps you go for something considerably more striking, like an orange radio that stands out against the myriad of greens. The choice is yours and revolves around what sort of image you want to create in your mind’s eye every time you turn on the tunes.


Colours Associated with Emotions

Of course, colour and sound also both influence our moods and so marrying the two can help to amplify an atmosphere when you’re trying to curate a certain vibe or feeling. Take for example, the blues; a music born of despondency and melancholy. Whilst most of us actively try to avoid the plummeting feeling of dread that accompanies an uncertain existence it is sometimes good to revel in the existential hurt that washes over us, to indulge that great ache inside. A blue radio for listening to the blues, or other downbeat music, may well just help to evoke the painful imagery we yearn for, helping us to cathartically immerse ourselves in it before emerging expunged of our misery, ready to seize the day anew. Likewise, red is a colour of passion. If you want to deliver a mood of love, then why not bolster those amorous undertones by whacking some Barry White on your red radio.


Roberts Revival Radios

It's not just colour that makes a truly iconic piece of design though, and Roberts know this more than anyone. With the Revival range, you can get a vast array of bold and beautiful modern radios in a retro style that give off a timelessness and classic appeal whilst still bringing you modern audio quality.  Coming in four classic designs, these easily portable music machines come in an array of sophisticated colours. So, whether you’re looking for an eye-catching yellow radio that makes a summery splash or a pared back and understated cream radio, you’ll find it amongst these vintage styled stunners.


Roberts Rambler

The Roberts Rambler also harks back to a different era with its design bringing the 1970s to the modern age with high-performance sound and new age features being decked out in a multitude of colours. This means you can pick up a sharp duck egg grey radio or a fashionable dusky pink radio and carry it with you wherever you go.

A veritable rainbow of colours seems to be setting the audio world alight at the moment, with ostentatious tones taking up shelves as well as more muted shades sharing the limelight as well. Find the right fit for you amongst our products, browse today and pick up the perfect radio for you.