Revival RD60


3.46 out of 5 by 39.

The Revival is a 1950s styled radio with the latest DAB technology. A stereo line-in socket enables playback for your smartphone, so the Revival can double up as a speaker for your playlists too. With 120 hours battery life, the Revival is more portable than ever – tune into your favourite radio stations at home or in the garden.

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    FM/DAB/DAB+ Built in
    Headphone Socket
    Yes (3.5mm Stereo)
    Line-out (Analogue)
    Yes (3.5mm Stereo)
    Auxiliary input socket for playback via smartphones
    Yes (3.5mm Stereo)
    Gold-plated Fittings
    Monochrome Screen
    On-device Control
    Mains Powered
    Battery Powered
    Carrying Handle
    Supplied Accessories
    Mains Adapter
    Dimensions (mm)
    250(w) x 155(h) x 100(d)
    1.49 kg
    Piano Gloss Black; Union Jack;


Rating: 1/5 48 years 9 months ago
poor build quality

I have 3 other Roberts radios all work well with great sound but this is very poor

Rating: 1/5 48 years 9 months ago
Technically great, cosmetically very disappointing

We bought this for its appearance. Technically I have no complaints; it's easy to use, the sound quality is excellent and the reception clear all over the house. However the case, the sole reason for buying this model rather than a hard cased one, and its prime selling point, has disintegrated appallingly. It looks as if it's in the later stages of a hideous disease with great flakes of the cover coming off. I'm so disappointed. Not what I'd expect from a premium brand with a royal warrant.

Rating: 1/5 48 years 9 months ago
Poor quality cover

Had mine for just a year and handled with care but the coating on the cover is flaking off a over it. It looks a mess. Expensive and poor quality

Rating: 1/5 48 years 9 months ago
disintegrating cover

I wanted one of these radios for so long My children bought me the red one as a gift but unfortunately the quality is disappointing. The cover is just disintegrating, the red flakes off with the lightest touch and it just looks dreadful now. Such a shame and not what I would expect at this price

Rating: 1/5 48 years 9 months ago
coloured cover disintegrating

My dear children saved their pocket money & bought my a lovely pale green Roberts radio a few years ago. But now as several people have already mentioned , the green is flaking off at the slightest touch. It looks so scruffy now , but the children would be upset if I threw it out..any suggestions for recovering it.? I thought radios of this price would last a lifetime! I think Roberts should take responsibility for the poor quality & replace them for us!!

Rating: 1/5 48 years 9 months ago
Should last for longer than 3 years

I was given this as a Christmas present 3 years ago and after 1 the buttons stopped working so it was permanently set to radio 4 - not the end of the world but now it’s stopped working altogether. I have persisted with Roberts radios over the last 10 years or so and 3 different models have failed in too short a time. I am now giving up for good

Rating: 5/5 48 years 9 months ago
Gloss finish!

This is a beautiful little radio. Thankfully I bought the piano gloss finish model as I've seen examples of the leather look finish and they deteriorate rapidly when exposed to sunlight or are bashed, even just slightly. Also I'd steel clear of the i stream 2 models as they have poor graphics which render them unusable in time.

Rating: 2/5 48 years 9 months ago
suddenly stopped working, poor tech response

I bought this radio 4 yrs ago from a Roberts listed supplier. It has now completely stopped working. At £150 this shouldn't happen - also the radio has been carefully treated: barely been moved, isn't in constant use, never used in a humid environment etc. More than that they want £50 to repair it. Tech support over email was somewhat slow, and basic - only suggesting a new power cable (the first thing anyone would think of), even though I'd already told them that wasn't the issue. A pretty looking but poor deal of a radio - especially given its much vaunted build quality. Sad, as I grew up with the old, long-lasting version of this product. Alongside the engineering Roberts could do with better customer support too, again given the cost of this radio compared to Pure etc.

Rating: 4/5 48 years 9 months ago
Good product and worth it

This is a quality product that stands out above competitors. Easy to set up and use and a good sound for the size of the unit.

Rating: 5/5 48 years 9 months ago
Love my radio looks fab

Lovely looking radio quality sound, would recommend, great price

Rating: 5/5 48 years 9 months ago
Beautiful Radio

Stunning Radio

Rating: 5/5 48 years 9 months ago

There are cheaper retro radios available but you get what you pay for. The Roberts Revival is well made and sounds fantastic.

Rating: 1/5 48 years 9 months ago
pretty poor

I notice now some radio stations are moving to DAB+ and my RD60 only seems to pick up DAB everywhere I check I cannot find any firmware upgrade to enable me to get this expensive radio upgraded

Rating: 2/5 48 years 9 months ago
Lovely sound, but exterior is disintegrating

My radio has sat pretty still near my bed for nearly three years, and never had more than a gentle dust - definitely no spray - but recently I had to move it around a bit and with almost every touch there was another scuff or flake of duck egg blue cover loose. It is very disappointing indeed as I was hoping it would age like an old leather sofa, not an old pleather one!

Rating: 5/5 48 years 9 months ago

Fantastic built quality and perfect sound a great gift !