4.42 out of 5 by 89.

The SportsDAB 5 is a portable gadget that offers DAB, DAB+ and FM RDS wavebands, giving you access to more stations and different content than a standard tuner. It has 10 station presets, FM RDS station name display in a large blue backlit screen and an automatic time set all packed up in a sleek, lightweight, compact and easy to use radio.

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    FM/DAB/DAB+ Built in
    Headphone Socket
    Yes (3.5mm stereo)
    Backlit LCD Display
    On-device Control
    Lock Switch
    Battery Powered
    Dimensions (mm)
    62(w) x 105(h) x 20(d)


Rating: 1/5 49 years 1 month ago

Rating: 4/5 49 years 1 month ago
Pocket radio

There is little choice of small pocket radios. This radio is the best we could find. DAB radios seem to use al lot of power and use up battery fast, but this radio seems fine so far. However the controls are fiddly and the casing is rather cheap rigid plastic which may crack easily. A more rubbery type finish would have been better. Reception is as good as any DAB and better that some.

Rating: 5/5 49 years 1 month ago
Compact and easy to use

This was a present and the receiptiant is delighted with appearance, easy to use and the fact it is so light in weight making it easy to carry around.

Rating: 5/5 49 years 1 month ago
Excellent sound ,also easy to programme stations,

Superb quality ,easy to programme the stations ,great sound quality and very lightweight, excellent purchase.

Rating: 1/5 49 years 1 month ago
Went wrong

Back light failed after 2 weeks, returned it to shop & bought a pure r3, much better.

Rating: 5/5 49 years 1 month ago

Rating: 5/5 49 years 1 month ago
The radio meet my needs when I am on the school ru

It didn’t work when Walk pass the telephone main station will work on the bus

Rating: 1/5 49 years 1 month ago
Not great unless you are in an open field

The downside is that the signal for every channel is not very strong indoors nor in a car when you have mounds or forest either side of you. It's very fuzzy & soon stops altogether. It will probably have to be returned. The earphones broke on first day of purchase. Plus they were extremely painful when in. I had to use my own earbuds.

Rating: 4/5 49 years 1 month ago
Fab little radio

Great small radio fits perfect in pocket

Rating: 1/5 49 years 1 month ago
Lousy battery life

Bought late July. No indication on pack of battery life. Wouldn’t touch Robert’s again. Beacon Electrics in Totnes, not particularly in complaint. Visitor to UK

Rating: 5/5 49 years 1 month ago
Good all round pocket Dab radio

The best pocket radio I have ever owned and the first one with DAB. It is so easy to use .No problems tuning for radio stations and I love the display with station information. The sound quality is good but would be much improved with over the ear headphones. I am happy enough with the in ear headphones. Battery life is excellent as I use rechargeable ones.

Rating: 5/5 49 years 1 month ago
Digital delight

This compact stylish digital radio is a must for anyone on the go, great for outdoor use, great sound and packed with numerous stations. Nice and compact the radio fits into your top pocket with being bulky. A great buy.

Rating: 5/5 49 years 1 month ago
dab personal radio

Exceptional sound quality for the price-looks fab too

Rating: 4/5 49 years 1 month ago

I use the radio to keep up to date with cricket, tennis etc when out and about, and also plug it into my car sound system, as I can’t get Radio 5 Extra on my car radio. This one works fine, good sound, battery life etc. My previous Roberts Sports radio was rechargeable, which is more eco. Previous model also could play like a ‘normal’ radio, ie without earphones,which is sometimes useful. That apart, I am perfectly happy with the product...

Rating: 5/5 49 years 1 month ago
Dab radio is small and easy to take around with me

Just what I needed for use on the go or trying to get to sleep!