SolarDAB 2


3 out of 5 by 14.

The unique SolarDAB 2 uses the sun as a power socket, letting you enjoy crystal clear digital radio wherever you are. This model uses an integral solar panel to provide you with continuous play under adequate sunlight. It also tops up a rechargeable battery while playing, which jumps into action when the sun disappears.

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    FM/DAB/DAB+ Built in
    Headphone Socket
    Yes (3.5mm stereo)
    Auxiliary input socket for playback via smartphones
    Yes (3.5mm stereo)
    On-device Control
    Solar Charging / Assisted running
    Mains Powered
    Battery Powered
    Yes (Batteries not included)
    Battery Charging Built-in
    Yes (for NiMH cells)
    Supplied Accessories
    Mains Adaptor
    Dimensions (mm)
    202(w) x 140(h )x 70(d)
    Black; White


Rating: 5/5 48 years 12 months ago
Great radio

Our 2nd purchase of this great little radio that so portable it fits in with any job around the house

Rating: 5/5 48 years 12 months ago

Rating: 1/5 48 years 12 months ago
Have had two of these. Both useless

Bought a Solar Dab radio in 2016 (so previous model though looks just the same). After 18 months when I plugged in the adaptor there was a pop and the radio was dead. Thinking it might be the adaptor I bought a new one from Roberts. This cost me over £23 though it is just a plug and lead. They call it an adaptor and it costs £23. The radio still didn't work. John Lewis supplied me with a new one under warranty. This just died after 6 months. John Lewis won't replace it a second time as the 2 year warranty is up. I asked Roberts if they would replace it as it is only 6 months old but they refused even though, if I had bought it directly from them, it would be under warranty. No confidence in Roberts radios (or customer service)

Rating: 2/5 48 years 12 months ago
Poor quality and poor repairs

I’ve had this radio for five years now and it’s the solar panel has never been a reliable power source. I’ve had it repaired as the dial button stopped working but they sent it back with a chipped case and the dial button has broke 12 months later. It now self tunes to Classic FM. Not great. Repairs are expensive so it’s relegated to the utility to keep the dog company. Very sad as the sound has great. Concerned about buying another Roberts radio.

Rating: 2/5 48 years 12 months ago
Poor build quality

I've had this radio for a few years and it has some good features but in general it is poor quality. First the on/off switch is so sensitive that if I put the radio in a bag (to take to the allotment etc) it switches on by its self so I have to take the batteries out every time and the terminals have all broken. The mains charging broke several years ago so I have to charge the batteries in a charger separately. The on off switch now turns on on its own sometimes and the channel selector misses out channels that I use regularly. The speaker rattles horribly sometimes. For nearly £100 I would expect a Roberts radio to last a lifetime but this one is falling apart. Don't thing I'll buy another one.

Rating: 2/5 48 years 12 months ago
Lacks clarity

We bought this radio a few years ago to use on our boat. The solar panel may provide enough power to recharge it in strong direct sunlight but not enough for us. We use the radio primarily for speech and plays, it is very difficult to hear clearly due to the radio lacking the mid and top frequencies necessary for clarity. All our other radios including a different model of Roberts are clearer. If there is a software update to address this problem I would appreciate knowing about it.

Rating: 5/5 48 years 12 months ago
Loved for years!

Owned 7 yrs, it's wonderful. Been dropped down the stairs, left out in drizzle, used daily. Only purchased new batteries once. For a small portable radio the sound is lovely-not tinny. Left on a sunny windowsill, only needed to recharge via mains once every few months. Can't recommend highly enough, there's nothing else on the market that does the same thing!

Rating: 2/5 48 years 12 months ago
Solar panel inadequate

I was given a Roberts solar radio about 6 years ago for a special birthday. I found that the solar panel was not able to charge the recommended rechargeable batteries unless the radio was moved to a position where really bright, direct sunlight was available. I used the radio on a bright window sill but the daylight, however bright, was not sufficiently strong. All in all, a great disappointment. The concept is really excellent but the solar panel is not good enough to match.

Rating: 3/5 48 years 12 months ago
Hit and miss

I bought 2 of these - very useful for use in bathroom or motorhome using solar power and in general good. However, on one, the On/off switch started to play up once out of guarantee- it would turn off when I pressed on it, then turn on a few seconds later, and, now, the mains charger has stopped working. Repairs are expensive.

Rating: 1/5 48 years 12 months ago
Very disappointed

The radio has a very poor sound quality. Mono only since it has a single build-in speaker only. It is not possible to tune sound settings (bass or treble). The solar panel is inefficient and is not sufficient to load the battery. Very disappointing.

Rating: 5/5 48 years 12 months ago
Great little radio

We've had this radio now for several years. It clearly indicates whether it needs to charge. When charging it automatically select solar if there is sun around. Good Roberts sound quality and easy to select other stations. Recommend.

Rating: 1/5 48 years 12 months ago
Sound hardly bearable

I generally like Roberts radios. They are well made and I have had several. But the top registers on this are so poor that we can hardly bear to use it.

Rating: 3/5 48 years 12 months ago
Nice sound but recharging not so good

I have 2 of these and though the sound and operation is ok, there is a problem with the recharging, it stops after 15 mins, then it has to be restarted by the user, so you can't rely on the sets recharging on their own.

Rating: 5/5 48 years 12 months ago
Excellent Eco Radio

I've had the radio for a few years now and it has performed well. I have it on the window ledge where it catches the sun in the bathroom and therefore it doesn't need to be attached to a cable which could be dangerous in a potentially wet environment. My only small issue is that I originally tried to register it after purchase and was unable to so I haven't been able to get the system updates that the sales blurb indicated I could get if I registered. But I'm happy with it for what I want.