Chronologic VI (CR9971)

Analogue Clock Radio

4.62 out of 5 by 1125.

The Chronologic VI is the ideal clock radio – it features analogue FM/MW wavebands, snooze, sleep timer, auto dimmer and automatic date and time settings. There’s a dual alarm, and also a weekend function if you fancy a lie in. Just in case of a power cut – there’s also a back-up battery.

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    MW/FM Wavebands
    Headphone Socket
    Alarm Function
    Yes (Radio/Buzzer)
    Weekday Alarm
    Weekend Alarm
    Snooze Button
    Automatic time and date setting
    LED Screen
    On-device Control
    Mains Powered
    Supplied Accessories
    Mains Adaptor
    Dimensions (mm)
    178(w) x 51(h) x 144(d)


Rating: 3/5 50 years 1 month ago
It's ok, but...

Nice looking unit, and good feature that it sets the time by itself, and the auto dimming works really well.. but the radio reception is very weak; and the clock digits are on the small side.

Rating: 3/5 50 years 1 month ago
neat clock radio

very disappointed as I only use Radio 2 the frequency is bad and when I walk past it the volume changes.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 1 month ago
Great alarm, very dependable

I bought this alarm as a replacement for the exact model that I've had for years. It finally gave up the ghost but it's been so reliable and I love the dual alarm feature that I decided to buy the exact same one. I can't fault it. The only thing I'd change is the on/off button to be sunken so that when my cats inevitably walk on the alarm clock there's no danger of the alarm being turned off by accident. Otherwise, it's a great product.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 1 month ago
Alarm clock radio

We bought this alarm clock radio to replace the same one we have had for years, and the only reason we had to replace it was the cat chewed off the aerial. I think it would last forever its brilliant.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 1 month ago
Does the job I expected it to.

The 10 buttons on top may look intimidating but there is a clear instruction booklet which makes setting up easy. Works perfectly and is good value for money.

Rating: 4/5 50 years 1 month ago
Not a “normal” alarm sound

Great clock, easy to set up, only minor issue is the sound the alarm makes. It’s weird and doesn’t actually wake my husband up! It wakes me up immediately but not my husband so I have to nudge him to wake him up and turn the stupid alarm off!

Rating: 4/5 50 years 1 month ago
Great clock radio

We now have three of these radios in our bedrooms. They work well & importantly are silent in operation

Rating: 4/5 50 years 1 month ago
Find it is 1 minute slow compared to the radio pip

Not as good as our previous radio, have not tried the alarm yet time will tell

Rating: 5/5 50 years 1 month ago
My Clock Radio

Easy to use and set up and works well.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 1 month ago
Xmas pressie for mum

Easy to set up and good quality

Rating: 5/5 50 years 1 month ago
On trend design;

Make sure instructions are read properly; Excellent for chilling to before bed; Excellent 2 choices for alarm to wake up to: Self control of volume :

Rating: 4/5 50 years 1 month ago
Roberts radio

A good product for its price.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 1 month ago
A good value clock radio with earphone socket

Easy set up - plug in and go. It automatically sets up the time. I don't use it for the alarm. I wanted a cheap alarm with ear phone socket for occasional night time listening. The time display light is far dimmer than a cheaper model and it does dim automatically when room darkens which is effective but personally I would like it to dim further. I might try covering up the sensor with a piece of tape. Good enough sound quality though for a non digital radio.

Rating: 4/5 50 years 1 month ago
Looks good but can't tell the time

Looks smart but as others have commented, it might set the time itself but it's not quite the right time. Currently running 5 minutes fast, was 4 minutes when we first got it last week, but that's close enough for us if it doesn't keep gaining. I did expect Roberts & an auto set to be a bit more accurate. The alarm is a faff if you need to swap between the 2 alarms depending on your work days, isn't as simple as moving a slider, it requires pressing buttons - and remembering to do it.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 1 month ago
love it

Does everything I wanted it to, radio for an alarm and can set which days I want the alarm!