RS1 Wireless Adaptor

Add Spotify, Internet Radio and USB Playback to your Hi-Fi

3.64 out of 5 by 11.

The RS1 Wireless Multi-room adaptor easily connects to any audio equipment - Hi-Fi, Radio, Speaker etc. - with an auxiliary input. Access Spotify, Internet Radio, music files on USB and much more. Easily control all of these additional audio sources via the free UNDOK smartphone app. 

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    Internet Radio
    Spotify Connect
    Music Player via Network
    Yes (PC, Mac or NAS over your home network)
    Music Player via USB
    Music Player Codec Support
  • Network
    Yes (802.11a/b/g/n standard on 2.4GHz and 5Ghz bands)
    Wired Ethernet Connection
    Control via UNDOK app
    Yes (iOS or Android smartphones)
    Line-in (Analogue)
    Yes (3.5mm Stereo)
    Line-out (Analogue)
    Yes (3.5mm Stereo)
    Line-out (Digital)
    Yes (S/PDIF optical)
    LED Indicators
    Yes (Power / Network / Mode / Ethernet socket)
    On-device Control
    Yes (Power/Mode/Reset)
    Mains Powered
    Supplied Accessories
    Mains Adaptor; Cables (USB power, 3.5mm stereo, 3.5mm stereo to 2 x phono plugs)
    Dimensions (mm)
    165(w) x 40(h) x 95(d)


Rating: 4/5 49 years 4 months ago

Rating: 5/5 49 years 4 months ago

Rating: 4/5 49 years 4 months ago
Unit good App needs attention

Good buy at offer price. Unit good (great on Internet Radio) App very "flaky" (struggling with playing music from my Zen server ). Improve the App and would be up with the Sonos Connect.

Rating: 4/5 49 years 4 months ago
Good purchase despite the software issues.

The unit is set up in my living room (wireless) with the wi fi via a TP Link unit. The frustrating issue is that sometimes I am unable to communicate with the adaptor using the UNDOK software (installed on iPad) and to resolve this, I have to temporarily switch the iPad to the weaker router wi fi signal and communication to the adaptor returns. Apart from this issue I am very pleased with the unit. Now able to access all my music on my PC and listen to Internet radio on my Marantz amplifier. Shame Spotify premium is needed to access Spotify.

Rating: 4/5 49 years 4 months ago
Could be a 5 * product with the right development!

A good idea in that it gives new life to an old hifi system. However you need Spotify Premium- although I have been told that this may change to allow Spotify standard to work in the near future. It would be great to have support for Soundcloud and other streaming services. The app could be easier to set up and look a bit more polished. Hopefully Frontier Silicon will keep putting in the work!

Rating: 3/5 49 years 4 months ago

Rating: 1/5 49 years 4 months ago
Hopelessly unreliable. Roberts should be ashamed.

I was silly, and bought THREE of these devices, thinking that Roberts is a quality brand! They are perpetually unreliable in their connection to wifi, and now connectivity on one of them (less than a year old) has failed completely. It normally takes ages to go through the reconnection process, and this will fail several times anyway. This is a wireless adaptor that doesn't like wireless. Maybe that's the reason Roberts is selling it now at a quarter of the price. It seems that steering clear of a brand which can serve up lemons like this is a good idea.

Rating: 5/5 49 years 4 months ago
A Simple and high quality Device

An amazingly simple and easy to set up solution to gather together a household of different Wi-Fi media sources and play it through a HiFi unit with great sound quality. But take time and set it up step buy step as detailed in the manual!!

Rating: 3/5 49 years 4 months ago
Excellent, but issues with Spotify Premium.

Really impressed with my 1st RS1 so bought 2 more! Works great for Internet radio, FLAC files on USB and music from Mac using Asset UPnP. The problem is with Spotify Premium which gets confused when switching between units or used as a group. Having to constantly switch between Spotify App & Undok App to try & clear the problem. Still can't work out if the problem is with Undok, Spotify or RS1! But there's obviously some issues with this arrangement. Very frustrating.!

Rating: 2/5 49 years 4 months ago

I bought this as an alternative to a SONOS connect, which I also own, and while the product itself is adequate to software is distinctly lacking. Connection was poor and not continuous; sound adequate; the manual OK but only effectively forces a re-set on each time used. I bought it cheaply thinking that this might be a product that had the ability to encroach on the near monopoly of SONOS but it is lacking in all respects. Please withdraw the product- sort out the software- make it more reliable and -maybe- you will have a chance

Rating: 5/5 49 years 4 months ago
A great audio streaming device...

I wanted an audio streamer for Spotify, internet radio and to play flac files stored on usb and a nas. This product is exactly what I was looking for. I love that it connects to my amp via toslink, found the shared music folder on my laptop and was up and running with spotify connect in minutes. However, in my opinion, the killer feature is the ability to search for and enable high bit stream internet radio stations. They sound great on my hifi system. Looking forward to Roberts releasing an update which will allow the playing of 24/96 music files.