BPR1 Battery Pack (R1 / R100)

Rechargeable Battery Pack for the R1 and R100

4.75 out of 5 by 110.

Adds portability to the Roberts R1 or R100. Power the R1 or R100 away from the main for up to 12 hours.



Guaranteed delivery in 3 days.



  • Dimensions
    Size (mm)
    226 (w) x 39 (h) x 133 (d)


Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Really useful

Next day delivery which was rather surprising, this addition to my radio makes it truly portable, and the battery once fully charged seems to last several days , if radio used for 2 -3 hours per day , and reduced price makes it even better value

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Great value

Amazing value for money. The battery when fully charged lasts for hours. Fits nicely on my R1 and is unobtrusive.

Rating: 4/5 50 years 6 months ago
Not trivial to fit, but barely visible once it is.

I bought one of these for a Roberts R1 I already had (because the power supply had failed - Long story short, I ended up returning that for a refund and bought another R1 direct from Roberts). It was a bit fiddlier than I'd expected to fit, hardly rocket science, but if you're not comfortable changing a fuse or light bulb, you might want to ask someone to fit the battery. It didn't bother me, but some might want to bear it in mind. Once fitted, it doesn't really look like a separate unit, although it does make the unit a fraction taller. I've not really tried the battery out for any period of time, so can't really reflect on its lifespan, but it certainly works without mains power. The one thing that I find a little annoying is the 'full' light - I have my R1 in my bedroom and it's so bright that I can see around the room with it! For the price, though, it seemed a bit of a no-brainer to add to an R1 or R100.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Good value, battery pack

Good value for money a bargain. To be use with the R1 where it become portable speaker to take out on picnics, or in the garden.

Rating: 4/5 50 years 6 months ago

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Battery Bargain

After buying the R1 with 75% off within a few days I decided to order the battery with similar discount and free carriage. It is easilyfitted within minutes creating a new baseplate that only adds a minimal increase in depth. I walked around the house, garden and garage within it maintaining the wi-fi signal and programme throughout. It’s a bargain, if buying the radio I recommend getting at the same time, it’s worth it!

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago

Excellent kit. Love it. Great quality. Great sound. Highly recommend this. What great value at the price -actually incredible value

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Perfect solution to mobile sound perfection

Well I have to start with the fact I love the Roberts R1 speaker, it links so seamlessly to my phone for streaming from Spotify or for bluetooth connection for downloads. With the weather improving, I wanted to be able to take the music outside - I exercise with music, relax with music. The BPR1 battery pack allows me to do this in an easy, effective way. No loss in performance, great battery life, easy to connect up, its the perfect accessory and solution. Thanks Roberts!

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Take your r100 anywhere

Very handy, charge lasts a long time. Great for when away from power source. Turns itself off to save power when it realises its not in use.great value at reduced price of 14.99

Rating: 4/5 50 years 6 months ago
Great discount.Not easily swapped between R1 units

Excellent value that makes the R100 & R1 so much more versatile. (It would have been less stars if I'd paid RRP.) I would have given this 5 stars if this was more interchangeable between radios and speakers. My only niggle is you have to remove a cover on the R100/R1, that you have to set aside, and plug in a cable. It is then easy to trap the cable loop when securing the pack to the R100/R1. As a result of this and only with this discount, I'll purchase a battery pack for each R100/R1 unit I own.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Essential Kit for R1

Essential piece of kit for the R1 speaker allowing it to become portable.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Awesome power

The product is a good accompaniment to the R1 radio, which I purchased at the same time. The portability it allows, means I can enjoy hours of music in my garden.

Rating: 4/5 50 years 6 months ago