Bluetooth Adaptor for Stream 93i

4.53 out of 5 by 47.

Introducing our Bluetooth adaptor, which adds Bluetooth to our award-winning Stream 93i Smart Radio. Simply attach to the USB and Auxiliary Input of the Stream 93i, and stream from your smartphone with ease.

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    Yes (Bluetooth® 4.0)
    Bluetooth® Codec Support
    USB and Auxiliary Input of Stream 93i
  • Dimensions
    Size (mm)
    95(w) x 40(h) x 15(d)


Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
works fine connects RR 93i and my samsung android

This does what it says and connects my phone to the 93i. can now play stuff through the radio speaker.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Useful Gadget

Such a bargain! I had wanted one of theses for a while and not got around to buying one. The Bluetooth allows me to stream from my phone or iPad and turns the already excellent 93i into an external speaker. Such a nifty device that I can unplug when I am not using it.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Brilliant Bluetooth device

This Bluetooth adapter is a fine addition to my Roberts Stream 931 radio, simple to set up and in use it works very well. Delivery was super quick too, very pleased with my purchase.

Rating: 4/5 50 years 6 months ago
Neat gadget

This does what it's supposed to. I'm not sure why there isn't simply a function on the Undok app to output all media on the device to the radio, but this is the next best thing. The way it just clips onto and draws its power from the radio is very neat and is what makes this gadget worth having when there are generic ones that do a similar thing. The volume definitely needs to be turned up extra high - and put back again before listening via other sources! - but in other respects the sound quality seems fine. Frankly this was well overpriced originally, but at £8 I'm happy with it, and delivery was very prompt.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Good value accessory

Excellent product.Adds an extra dimension as the radio becomes a Bluetooth speaker. Wonderful value,quality and service from Roberts

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago

Rating: 4/5 50 years 6 months ago
Transforms the 93i into a more versatile device

The Stream 93i is a great device for streaming from a NAS drive and for internet radio, but the inability to stream from your phone or to use streaming services such as Tidal really hampered its versatility. I was looking to upgrade to a different model and then saw this device at the bargain price of £7.99. I can now stream from my phone and Tidal seamlessly - it really is very easy to use. I'd say the sound quality isn't quite as good as when streaming from my NAS drive, but it's perfectly acceptable. I'd definitely recommend this product.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Highly Recommended

Excellent product. I have several smart speakers around the house but did not want my Roberts radio to become redundant so this little beauty adds an extra dimension to my network. Excellent customer service from Roberts themselves, ordered and despatched on one day and delivered the next during the lockdown - impressive. Fitted to radio easily and connected to various media devices and i can now enjoy my Roberts radio more.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago

Rating: 4/5 50 years 6 months ago
Bluetooth functionality for the 93i

This is a neat little gadget that works very well with the 93i radio adding Bluetooth speaker functionality. Bluetooth set up was very easy from my android phone. The device has a blue LED which flashes to indicate the connection. One slight negative is that the LED flashes constantly when searching for a connection, so if the phone isn't in range and the radio is sited in a dark room such as a bedroom the LED flash can be distracting. The sound quality is just as good as the radio but you will need to have the volume setting higher than your normal setting to achieve the same volume. Overall a good addition to the functionality of the radio and can be recommended.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago

This was just what I needed to make the radio an even greater piece of equipment.

Rating: 4/5 50 years 6 months ago

Price dropped dramatically over the last couple of years. It’s a pity that Bluetooth isn’t input and output.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Bluetooth made simple for an already great DAB pro

Great product which has now made my 93i fully functional in 2020