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iStream3 Quickstart Guide

Setting Up Your iStream 3

Getting started.

1. Plug your iStream 3 into a power outlet, or insert 6 AA batteries to make it portable.

2. Press the Volume wheel to turn your radio on and off.

3. You should automatically be taken to the setup wizard. Use the Tuning wheel to scroll through menus and Select.

4. Pressing Mode will take you to a list of listening options.

Setup Spotify Connect

Stream your favourite music with Spotify.

1. Make sure your iStream 3 is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

2. Press Menu.

3. Use the Tuning Wheel to scroll to Spotify.

4. Your iStream 3 will automatically search for a user.

Connect Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth pairing with your device.

1. Press Mode to open the list of listening options.

2. Use the Tuning wheel to scroll to Bluetooth.

3. Your iStream 3 will automatically start scanning for nearby bluetooth devices.

4. Open Bluetooth settings on your device and select Revival iStream 3 to pair.

Wi-Fi Setup

How to connect to the internet.

1. Press the Menu button and select Main Menu.

2. Scroll to System Settings and find Network.

3. Select the Network Wizard and find your Wi-Fi network.

4. Enter your Wi-Fi network password and select Ok.

You only need to connect to your Wi-Fi network once! Your iStream 3 will remember your settings, even if it’s unplugged.