Beacon Quickstart Guide

Setting up your Beacon

Getting Started.

1. Connect the power supply to charge your Beacon.

2. Turn your Beacon on by pressing the Power Button.

3. The three LED lights on top of the speaker indicate the battery status, the flashing LED light means your Beacon is charging.

Bluetooth Pairing

How to connect your Bluetooth device.

1. When switched on, the Bluetooth LED light will flash blue, meaning it is in ‘Pairing Mode’.

2. Open Bluetooth settings on your device and select ‘Beacon 330/320/310’.

3. The Bluetooth LED light will turn solid blue to show it is now paired with your device.

4. Play radio, music and podcasts on your device.

5. Use volume up/down on your device or your Beacon control panel to change the volume.

EQ Settings (Beacon 330 only)

Choose different Equaliser sound options.

1. Ensure your Beacon is on, short press the Power Button and your Beacon will show the EQ light.

2. Press Power + / - to cycle through the EQ settings. The EQ settings are:

a. Normal/Warm - solid light

b. Classic - one flash

c. Bass Boost - two flashes

d. Outdoors - three flashes

e. Speech - continuous flashes

3. Once you find your desired setting, leave the controls alone, and your Beacon will keep this setting for future.

Stereo Pairing (Beacon 330 only)

Connect two Beacon 330s with Stereo Pairing.

With two Beacon 330 units, you can enjoy true stereo sound

1. Switch on two Beacon 330 units.

2. Ensure both units are in Bluetooth pairing mode (disconnected from a Bluetooth device with the blue Bluetooth lights flashing).

3. Press the ‘Stereo Mode’ button on the base of one of the units.

4. The Beacon 330s should become a stereo pair. One Beacon unit will show no Bluetooth light.

5. Connect to one of the Beacon devices to enjoy stereo playback.