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Bluetooth Connectivity

Seamless Streaming

Bluetooth connection turns your RD70 into a beautifully styled speaker, allowing you to stream music, podcasts or your perfectly curated playlists.


Digital radio delivered in style

Enjoy the wider selection and crystal clear quality of digital radio. Search and save your favourites with the customisable full colour display screen.

Alarm and Snooze

Hit the snooze button

With two alarms, you can choose to wake up to buzzer, DAB or FM radio. There’s also a radio sleep timer to play for up to 90 minutes before turning itself off.

“Worth every penny. Can’t recommend this enough. Great buy, great sound, and great build quality.”


Perfectly Portable

Carry handle and battery or mains powered

Night Mode

Dimmed night time display

Station Presets

10 DAB and 10 FM presets

Product Specifications