All of our products include a free two year warranty for your peace of mind as well as guaranteed two day delivery at no extra cost

Refurbished products include a free 12-month warranty


Preset your favourite digital stations

With 20 station presets and three easy access buttons, you can save and flick through your favourite stations at the touch of a few buttons.

Night-time Display

Set to your sleep style

The digital clock display will appear brightly at the touch of a button, before fading back to black after 10 seconds. You can also adjust the display dimmer at night so that you’re not disturbed.

Under Pillow Speaker

Relax and unwind

Enjoy listening to a podcast or a relaxing album in bed without pestering your partner. You can even go to bed learning a different language or listening to your favourite audiobook.

“I listen to my podcasts every night and the ear plugs have always given me earache so this is the perfect solution.”