Revival iSTREAM 2

DAB+/DAB/FM Smart Radio

3 out of 5 by 15.

The Revival iStream 2 is a 1950s style retro radio with advanced 21st century Smart Radio features. Built-in FM/DAB/DAB+, built-in wireless connectivity, access to Spotify Connect, and a choice of 20,000+ internet radio stations and podcasts. Listen to your personal music collection by streaming direct from your PC/Mac/NAS via Music player. It's easily controlled with the free UNDOK iOS/Android smartphone app. 

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    FM/DAB/DAB+ Built in
    Internet Radio
    Spotify Connect
    Music Player via Network
    Yes (PC, Mac or NAS over home network)
    Music Player via USB
    Music Player Codec Support
  • Network
    Yes (802.11a/b/g/n standard on 2.4GHz and 5Ghz bands)
    Control via UNDOK app
    Yes (iOS or Android smartphones)
  • Audio
    Full-range Driver
    Headphone Socket
    Yes (3.5mm Stereo)
    Line-out (Analogue)
    Auxiliary input socket for playback via smartphones
    Alarm Function
    Yes (Buzzer/DAB/ FM/Internet Radio)
    Gold-plated fittings
    Monochrome Screen
    On-device Control
    Mains Powered
    Battery Powered
    Carrying Handle
    Supplied Accessories
    Mains Adaptor
    Dimensions (mm)
    260(w) x 155(h) x 125(d)
    1.7 kg
    Duck Egg; Dove Grey; Pastel Cream; Black


Rating: 1/5 48 years 9 months ago

I only use my radio maybe 4 times a week at night when I cant sleep. Its just over a year old and the screen has gone blank, it is alight but no text and really frustrating. This is the second Roberts istream I have owned and the first one had many other faults too, I just thought I had purchased a dud the first time but pretty upset at this 2nd one !!!

Rating: 5/5 48 years 9 months ago
My audio best friend...

I absolutely love this radio. Features like access to the internet radio stations, DAB and Spotify and the spin of a dial are awesome. The sound quality is fantastic for it's size, and the look and feel is on another level (I have the Black and Gold model). It's really good being able to pick up my phone, from the comfort of my chair, click on a track on Spotify and then link to the radio without having to get up and turn it on. So good.. I've listened to a lot more varied music since having access to the internet stations- from Jazz stations in Paris and New Jersey, to Electronica stations from Japan to Chicago, and my favourite Brooklyn Free Radio. And I haven't even checked out the podcasts yet! Thank you Roberts for a rad radio that's revolutionised my listening habits!

Rating: 5/5 48 years 9 months ago
Beautiful Radio.

Lovely Sound, Well Made and nice looking. Takes a bit of patience to set up,but just take your time and follow the instructions.

Rating: 1/5 48 years 9 months ago
Don't buy - lcd screen blank

Bought this about 2 years ago. All was fine in the beginning. Then the lcd screen started to fade and is now blank. It is still back lit but no text is visible. Googling this showed it is a common problem. I contacted customer support but have not received any feedback. I don't think the screen can be replaced, so the radio is going in the bin. Real shame. Would have expected better quality for the price you pay for these.

Rating: 1/5 48 years 9 months ago
Really disappointing

I had been excited to purchase this radio for my daughter as she regularily listens to my i-stream 93. However the whole experince has been a disappointment. The radio failed to go through the wizard set-up initally. Finally on third time of going through the set up it worked. However in the first few hours of playing the radio it would switch itself off and I would have to go through and reset it again. Clearly faulty I returned it to their repairs department, who state they could not fault it and charged me £20 to have it returned. No apology for the inconvenience and no acknowlegment of the fault. Shocking customer service.

Rating: 5/5 48 years 9 months ago
I LOVE my new radio

I am so happy with my new Revival iStream2 - it lives in the kitchen and is played all day, either listening to the radio or Spotify, and my husband plays his podcasts through it via bluetooth. The quality is great and it's so easy to use.

Rating: 5/5 48 years 9 months ago
Excellent Radio

I have 3 of these radios around the house and they are excellent. Yes the software takes a bit of getting used to but it is smoother than most competitors and yes there are features that would be handy (Like AirPlay compatibility) but there is no other product with the same warm sound, retro styling and streaming capacity. Maybe I have just been lucky but all 3 of mine have been completely trouble free. All in all a first class product that has ensured music plays a big part in even my busiest day.

Rating: 3/5 48 years 9 months ago
Slightly Disappointing

Bought this radio (from Amazon) a few months ago. It occasionally locks up (freezes) but I find removing the batteries and re-inserting them solves the problem. Use it extensively for Internet stations, which can be received all around the house and outside using the BT HomeHub 6 with no difficulty at all. Disappointingly, the leathercloth covering is very thin and the slightest brush with a wall or something will result in a scuff or tear. Pity, because if a somewhat better quality had been chosen, a thicker material would have been worth an extra few pounds. The learhercloth can be purchased from Ratchford's of Stockport if you're feeling bold-enough to recover the case yourself, incidentally!

Rating: 1/5 48 years 9 months ago
DO NOT BUY - LCD SCREEN FAILS Check other reviews

This is a great radio with a ridiculous bad design LCD that fails on a very large percentage of them. And if you don't have the receipt or if it is just outside of the 12 month warranty then it's going to cost £70 to have repaired - and no guarantee it won't happen again. JUST DON'T BUY IT!

Rating: 1/5 48 years 9 months ago
wifi extremely limited range

The wifi connection does not pick up more than one room away from the modem! I have cheap, old laptops with better wifi pick_up! For all the hype about effortless steaming Roberts could have made the wifi reception stronger as it is very soon out of rangeand therefore useless. The reason for buying a Roberts Rdio is to listen to the radio via a wifi connection but if this product is incapable to connecting once more than a single room away from the modem/router box what is the point.

Rating: 5/5 48 years 9 months ago
The best Internet Radio on the market

Got this at Christmas to replace an old pure radio. Sound is the first consideration, it is excellent, so crisp and clear, no distortion, even at high volumes. Features come next and this is where it also excels, can connect to all of my music on my NAS, stream and DAB. The perfect gift for the geeky audiophile.

Rating: 1/5 48 years 9 months ago
Very disappointing

On third radio. First one lasted two days. Second a couple of hours and third three weeks! Always the same problem the screen pixelates and then goes blank. Another visit to the returns department of John Lewis.

Rating: 4/5 48 years 9 months ago
Almost universal music gadget

I bought the Revival iSTREAM 2 for my wife. She loves the design, I love how universal it can be used to listen to music. The FM and DAB+ receivers have good sensitivity and DLNA works well (with KODI in our case). Track selection from USB thumb drive is only by filename, unfortunately not by ID3 resources. Internet-Radios selection is depending on a portal run by SiliconFrontier (where the electronics is from). Spotify is only usable with a Smartphone, not standalone. A Deezer client is missing. But overall it's a good device!

Rating: 3/5 48 years 9 months ago
Looks good, great features, software/screenclunky?

This is a lovely looking radio with excellent features. The smartphone app (Undok) makes it so easy to stream media from a whole host of sources. Unfortunately, the software is a little clunky, my 2 day old radio is stuck updating software, for the last 3 hours! Prior to this, the screen starting corrupting, displaying strange lines. Seems to be a common problem. Shame as this has so much potential, 50s styling and 50s Quality Control, by my experiences! Think I'll be sending mine back.

Rating: 4/5 48 years 9 months ago
iPhone App is not available

The user manual days that "Supports remote control from Apple iPhone, iPad and Android using the Roberts ConnectR app." No such app is available in Apple app store.