Ortus Time


3 out of 5 by 17.

Striking design and fantastic clock radio features make Ortus Time the ideal bedside radio. Boasting built-in DAB+/DAB/FM wavebands, USB smartphone charging, 2 alarm timers, and an auxiliary input socket, Ortus Time is a clock radio with a difference.

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    FM/DAB/DAB+ Built in
    Headphone Socket
    Line-out (Analogue)
    Line-out (Digital)
    Auxiliary input socket for playback via smartphones
    USB smartphone charging
    Alarm function
    Yes, 2 alarms(DAB/FM/or buzzer)
    Adjustable sleep timer
    Adjustable display dimmer
    Station presets
    On-device Control
    Mains powered
    Battery powered
    Supplied accessories
    AC adaptor
    Dimensions (mm)
    137w x 140h x 77d
    490 g


Rating: 4/5 50 years 6 months ago
DAB stations

I have always had a Roberts clock radio by my bedside as I leave it on 24/7. My old one shows the time perfectly until I try to tune in a channel. Then it says clock not set and goes haywire. I decided to buy a new one as the old one is around 17 years old. I bought this model as I like to see the hands. Having plugged it in it went into auto-tune and found 45 available radio channels. When I want the DAB radio it cannot find a station to play as it says the signal strength is to weak , message is 'OFF AIR'. I have positioned it next to my old one, which never had a problem with signal strength, to no avail. My only other grief is that the face of the clock is not backlit, which my old one was.

Rating: 1/5 50 years 6 months ago
Worst clock radio EVER

So my wife bought me this for Christmas, knowing how much I like Roberts but except for looking good it has these major faults: 1. The hands of the clock are not visible at night 2. Alarm switch off is behind the snooze button 3. Once you have pressed the snooze even turning off the alarm does not stop the alarm 4. Waking my wife at 4am for the 3rd time does not make her happy 5. The radio does not bounce well when thrown

Rating: 1/5 50 years 6 months ago
Hands keep going round

So so disappointed- love this radio however it appears to have developed a fault as every couple of days the hands just keep going round - only stops when you unplug it. Usually manages to reset (always has the right digital numerical time and keeps radio settings) however now it doesn’t reset. Is this a common issue Roberts Radio? I don’t expect this type of quality from a £100 radio. So disappointed. please advise if I can get a replacement.

Rating: 2/5 50 years 6 months ago
Not great

I bought this as I wanted a combination analogue and digital beside clock. It looks good, but has some flaws. 1. It is too complicated. I use the alarm once or twice a month and after a year still have to refer to the user manual to work out how to set it and to turn the alarm off. It is simply not intuitive. 2. It has a habit of resetting at 23:59 which involves the hands whirling round for about a minute. In fact, just long enough to wake me up. Not ideal at all. I don't mind about the hands not being illuminated, although it does seem like an obvious omission, as the digital display works really well to see what the time is at night. It;'s my first Roberts product and for the money I expected a LOT better. £100 for a bedside clock is crazy even if it is flawless...

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
A unique product that does that trick

I had an earlier incarnation of this concept from Roberts in the shape of a radio with an analog face with a digital display and Dab capability. It finally died (sad) and I couldn't find a replacement until this. The design is very different from the earlier iteration, with the black face and the round shape, but it's actually a much better design that doesn't take up as much real estate on my side table. I would like it if I could see the hands of the analogue clock in the middle of the night so I could read the time both digitally and in analogue, but that's a minor quibble. The thing that's real improvement is the design of the buttons/operating system, which work much more intuitively when it comes to programming a time and have one button with an indentation in it so it's possible to turn it off completely at last when you're finally ready to stop hitting snooze and get up.

Rating: 4/5 50 years 6 months ago
Great clock, maybe not so good if short sighted

Love the look of the clock, alarm function is great, sound quality great for a clock radio. What I didn't consider was my short sightedness (-4) and the size of the digital display, I need to pop my glasses on to check the time when I wake up in the night. It would be a 5 star rating if the tips of the hands glowed.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Just what I wanted!

Perfect! Just what I wanted for my bedside table. Easy to work and set up! Yes the the arms aren’t so visible at night but you have the digital display. Original order didn’t arrive but after emailing the sales team, a very helpful lady (Beverley) sent another one out to me that arrived very promptly. Thank you :)

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Timeless classic

Fantastic timeless piece combining both classical look and modern function. The Ortus Time is easy to use and lovely to wake up to each morning!

Rating: 1/5 50 years 6 months ago
Huge Problem!

I've been wanting to buy this for well over a year as I loved the traditional clock dial design and admired Roberts as a quality UK brand. I have been unable to find one in a shop and so finally ordered one. I now find that the clock hands son't work in the dark! Instead you're faced with the numeral points around the dial edge but no ability to know what the time is. I never complain but to buy a £100 alarm clock and to find that it cannot tell you the time is totally unacceptable! If I'd known that I would have bought a digital model. I have always been an admirer of Roberts but I won't now buy anything else like the turntable as I feel that I will be let down.

Rating: 3/5 50 years 6 months ago

Noted that another customer has the same issue with the analogue clock at night being impossible to see. I too need glasses to read, therefore the small digital window is also impossible for me to see. Your response was that the clock illuminates, but NOTHING ABOUT THE HANDS, so what is the point. You say in the manual that the tips of the hands are luminescent. Mine are not. What are you going to do about this otherwise brilliant clock radio?

Rating: 4/5 50 years 6 months ago
Perfect looking product with minor letdowns

I received this today and bought it based on its updated classic looks and great spec. Its a great looking item and goes perfectly with my decor (black, wood, brushed stainless). Radio sounds perfect too, i only need one speaker in the morning, ive got a hifi for stereo. Easy enough to get used to the menu controls. Only 2 faults. The tips of the hands are really hard to see at night, i cant help but think that more could have been done. And limiting the alarm to 10 on the volume. Why do that? Im not hard of hearing but im a heavy sleeper, i can imagine that volume not waking some people up. Its definatly very very very good, but not quite excellent.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Striking design and easy to use.

A beautiful combination of classic analogy clock design integrated with an electronic clock for night. Yet quirky at the same time with real wood shaped on the side that gives a hint of 50s/60s chic. Sound very good and very easy to use, brought for my wife. She likes music, I like talk and the sounds suits both. Easy to tune, and has a three stage dim setting for night so no night illuminations.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Looks good and does the job

I bought this as I prefer the look of an analogue clock. Having had this for a few days now, I'm not sure why others have been so negative. The hands are have luminous ends and the clock has an adjustable back light which means it is possible to set the illumination to suit your needs. My clock sits on my bedside table, so I have it on a lower illumination setting, but it can be increased by pushing the display button. My experience is that the time display in the centre of the clock face can be seen at night and I can also see the illuminated ends of the hands, but I find I prefer to use the digital display during the night. (Note - I do use reading glasses but don't require these to see the illuminated information at night when on the second lowest setting). Unlike my previous Roberts radio clock, the Ortus Time allows a pre-set volume to be defined as part of the alarm setting and also gives the option of selecting a pre-set station to wake up to - which I find very useful. As with all Roberts goods, the radio itself is high quality and I'm very pleased with this product.

Rating: 1/5 50 years 6 months ago
Impossible settings!

Stylish well made clock however I cannot fathom the complicated settings and wish I had returned this item. It’s expensive and the settings buttons are not easy to press. Very disappointed.

Rating: 1/5 50 years 6 months ago
Roberts should recall this product

I bought the Ortus Time from John Lewis in November and initially loved the features and design. That is until the clock radio would wake me up every single night at 23.59 to reset itself for a minute with a loud whurring sound- basically recounting the whole day's time until it reached 00.00. I returned the clock radio on Saturday John Lewis who advised they had a new batch from Roberts, so I exchanged it. This second version has lasted 2 days and has again started to reset. I will be returning again and this time asking for a refund - I am disappointed as Roberts should have tested this product more rigorously, if they had they would have quickly found this fault.