DAB/DAB+/FM Alarm Clock Radio

3.75 out of 5 by 48.

The Ortus 1 alarm clock radio is packed with fantastic features to make your mornings easy. With DAB/DAB+/FM radio and 2 alarm timers, you can wake to a buzzer or your favourite radio station. Plus, the handy any-button snooze function and bedtime listening gradual fade help you to both wake up and drift off too.


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    FM/DAB/DAB+ Built in
    Headphone Socket
    Auxiliary input socket for playback via smartphones
    Alarm Function
    Yes, 2 alarms (DAB/FM/or buzzer)
    Configurable Alarm Duration
    Yes (30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes)
    Adjustable Sleep, Snooze and Nap Timer
    Adjustable Display Dimmer
    Night-time Display
    Station Presets
    Bedtime Listening
    Large Clock Display in Standby
    Menu Display
    On-device Control
    Mains Powered
    Battery Powered
    Supplied Accessories
    AC Adaptor
    Dimensions (mm)
    150(w) x 90(h) x 38(d)


Rating: 5/5 49 years 9 months ago
Great little radio!

I bought the Ortus 1's for my two children who need a nudge to get up in the morning & really glad I did - great radios, simple instructions but full of functionality. DAB radio works well & they love the fact it shows what song is playing, & I love that the alarm can be set for weekdays only! All in all a good purchase.

Rating: 5/5 49 years 9 months ago
Love it

Love this item wakes me up every morning

Rating: 4/5 49 years 9 months ago
Roberts products, reliable as ever.

I'm a Roberts fan. Solid and reliable products, which produce a clear sound. The Ortus 1 is a neat and good-looking product. I didn't need the extra functions of the Ortus 2 & 3. I would have given it 5 stars had the operation been simpler. It's difficult to find the sleep/timer buttons in the darkness of the night. Please could the next Ortus have a facility to pre-set a sleep period, which can be operated with a one-touch button?

Rating: 5/5 49 years 9 months ago
I would have liked more space between the buttons

The buttons are too close together on the top, if using at night, in bed, in the dark! too easy to press the wrong buttons

Rating: 2/5 49 years 9 months ago

Alarm feature is very complicated and I could not set the time as it did not do as instruction said Will try again but if I can’t get it to work even after factory reset I will have to return to shop (interesting they have a section on things that might not work first time) It is smaller than pictures give impression

Rating: 3/5 49 years 9 months ago
Good looks, reasonable value but not easy to use

I bought this for my wife to replace existing Roberts radio. Great compact design but not very easy to use particularly if wanting to change settings in a hurry I.e. alarm. A simple switch would be better in many cases rather than going through various menus. Price reasonable as is quality of sound.

Rating: 5/5 49 years 9 months ago
Gets me up for work

Small but easy to use , bright enough but not to bright, radio is easy to use sound not so good

Rating: 5/5 49 years 9 months ago

Can set different times for weekdays and weekends - perfect for a later start without having to re-set or change the alarm time.

Rating: 4/5 49 years 9 months ago
Roberts radio complicated

The radio itself is easy to set up & the clock adjusts itself automatically, but you have to have a PHD IN TEC to set the alarm.

Rating: 3/5 49 years 9 months ago
Not as good as it could be

Fine as an alarm, but second-rate as a radio. The sound quality is compromised by the small size of the speaker

Rating: 5/5 49 years 9 months ago
Great little radio alarm clock

Very neat unit. Happy with sound quality. Useful to be able to pre set separate weekday and weekend alarms. Happy to recommend.

Rating: 1/5 49 years 9 months ago
Very poor

I bought this radio over a year ago and have found it not to be up to the standard required. The worst thing is that it has just stopped working, though I am getting the time still! The power cable has always been very loose and one small knock whilst turning on or adjusting loses power. The buttons are also very samll and not raised very much so using at night and in low light is problematical. I intend to buy a new radio today, but not a Roberts.

Rating: 5/5 49 years 9 months ago
Neat and functional

This is an ideal bedside radio/alarm. It looks attractive, is compact, neat and very functional.

Rating: 5/5 49 years 9 months ago

Perfect radio for use in a bedroom

Rating: 5/5 49 years 9 months ago