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Beacon Bluetooth Speaker

Portable speakers for homes with character.

Whatever your style, there’s a Beacon that’s meant for you and your home. This statement portable wireless speaker is available in a variety of instantly iconic colours, and ranged across the 330, 320 and 310 models – each with crystal clear, rich sound quality and a range of features including up to 15 hours battery life.

For Homes With Character

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Beacon 330, Beacon 320 and Beacon 310 do not have a built in radio functionality, however you can access radio on your smartphone and stream via Bluetooth. Take a look at our radios on the 'Radios' section of our website:

The Beacon 330, Beacon 320 and Beacon 310 do not "work with Alexa" or other voice activated products, but you can connect your smartphone to the Beacon and play via Bluetooth.

The Beacon 310 offers a passive bass radiator, the Beacon 330 and Beacon 320 both offer dual passive bass radiators, and all three offer total portability and aux-in to connect non-Bluetooth devices and come in a range of colour options. The Beacon 310 has a plastic finish, the Beacon 320 has a chrome finish and the Beacon 330 has a gold finish. The Beacon 330, our top of the range speaker offers EQ and Bass Boost options, USB charging, the option to charge your phone via the USB port and stereo pairing with another Beacon 330.

The Beacon 330 offers stereo pairing where two Beacon 330 speakers can be connected to create a wireless stereo.

The Beacon 330, Beacon 320 and Beacon 310 are Bluetooth only and cannot be connected over WiFi.

The Beacon 330, Beacon 320 and Beacon 310 connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smartphone. If Bluetooth is not available from your favourite streaming device (smartphone, PC etc), connect via the Aux input using a 3.5mm stereo jack plug. Other than the Beacon 330 connected to another 330 for stereo pairing, the Beacon cannot transmit Bluetooth to other speakers or headphones.

The Beacon can be connected to any of our Revival range via Aux cable, but not via Bluetooth. The Beacon can also connect to the RT200 Turntable via phono to Aux connection cables (this cable is supplied with the RT200). Two Beacon 330s can be paired together for stereo pairing.

Whilst the Speaker is powered from a rechargable battery, you can use it when also connected to the mains

Looking for stylish, durable Bluetooth speakers with exceptional sound quality? The Roberts Beacon range offers all this and more.

Enjoy your Bluetooth speaker at home, outside in the garden, or take it with you on your travels. Stream your favourite playlists, podcasts, audio books, and international radio stations in an instant. With up to 15 hours portable play time, our wireless Bluetooth speakers are ready when you are!

Our iconic retro style Bluetooth speakers are available in black, yellow, red, pink, and blue, so you’ll be sure to find a Bluetooth speaker that reflects your style and personality.