Stream 104

DAB/DAB+/FM/Internet Smart Radio

4.33 out of 5 by 6.

Step into the world of Smart Radio with the Stream 104: built-in FM/DAB/DAB+ tuners, wireless connectivity, access to 20,000+ internet radio stations and podcasts. Listen to your personal music collection by streaming direct from your PC/Mac/NAS via Music player. Thanks to the free UNDOK iOS/Android smartphone app, it can be controlled remotely. With batteries, it’s portable too.

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    FM/DAB/DAB+ Built in
    Internet Radio
    Music Player via Network
    Music Player Codec Support
  • Network
    Yes (802.11b/g/n standard)
    Control via UNDOK app
    Yes (iOS or Android smartphones)
  • Audio
    Full-range Driver
    Yes (7 Position Equalizer & Separate Bass / Treble Controls)
    Headphone Socket
    Auxiliary input socket for playback via smartphones
    Alarm Function
    Yes (Radio/Buzzer)
    Monochrome Screen
    On-device Control
    Mains Powered
    Battery Powered
    Carrying Handle
    Supplied Accessories
    Mains Adaptor
    Dimensions (mm)
    210(w) x 135(h) x 65(d)


Rating: 2/5 49 years 3 months ago
Could be better!

Had this radio for over 2 years, its a good unit; sounds reasonable. Sometimes it is the most frustrating so & so to operate, especially on internet. The control buttons don't behave as intended. For example: volume down won't work, but up will: menu refuse to engage; back button won't do it; presets don't come on. Another time all will work fine. I have rebooted it as instructions, and still it misbehaves.

Rating: 5/5 49 years 3 months ago
Great Radio

Bought one of these for my 84 year old Mother. Despite her inability to master anything remotely modern including the TV remote she can use this which is an absolute miracle ! The set up wizard is great, as is ease of use , sound and build quality. Having wireless, DAB and FM choices is ideal as if one service is unavailable you can use another. I honestly do recommend this radio.

Rating: 5/5 49 years 3 months ago

1 bought a Roberts Radio in the 1972, its was the bees kees then and it is NOW, Brill Radio

Rating: 5/5 49 years 3 months ago
Great for foreign languages

The radio is light, attractive, neatly sized, and so fits nicely on the kitchen countertop, enabling me to listen to French radio stations. The presets enable us to switch easily between stations in English and French. I somehow missed a key step in the wizard set-up but managed to set up anyway, so it was not difficult even for someone with less than perfect technological understanding.

Rating: 5/5 49 years 3 months ago
Great Internet Radio

This Stream 104 was a Christmas gift and it's brilliant. All the stations I need and it plays my music collection from a media server wherever I happen to be. Navigating podcasts etc., has it's limitations but I find it easier than the other players I use, the iPhone app helps here, (best not to lose the comprehensive manual). The only disappointment is that it cannot recharge the rechargeable batteries I use, it seems odd that I can listen to music over the internet from the far reaches of the globe, but am still locked into swapping batteries as I had to before we even had Radio 1! Still, it is a joy to have and use.

Rating: 4/5 49 years 3 months ago
A quality product - as expected from Roberts

I really wanted one of the retro-styled Roberts internet radios as I have one of the originals, but wasn't willing to pay the steep premium simply for the 'style'. I bought the Stream 104 for the Roberts name and because I was impressed by the build quality of a friend's 104. For quality, features and sound quality the radio doesn't disappoint, it is however let down somewhat by it's short, slow scrolling display and some rather non intuitive menu selection functionality - particularly when saving presets. I am also disappointed that for this price it isn't supplied with a rechargeable battery pack of some sort, if only the ability to recharge 'normal' rechargeable cells. CAVEAT: I brought the radio in the UK and then returned home to France. During the journey I mislaid the manual which I had read only once, so all my setup/listening/navigation has been done using instinct and memory. Good test of how intuitive it is, but apologies to Roberts if I've missed a trick. My first niggle is that a replacement manual isn't easily downloadable from the main Roberts website/support section as far as I can see! Here's a summary of my 'Pro's' and 'Con's' after a weeks generally pleasurable use: PRO's: 1) Well built - quality plastic and aesthetically well thought through 2) Attractive display - good size buttons with nice positive action 3) Good initial setup 'wizard' gets you up and running quickly 4) Pretty good sound quality for such a small enclosure 5) Good range of inputs and outputs, and remote control app/ streaming capability is a bonus CON's: 1) The screen display is so short that trying to choose an item can be difficult - BBC podcasts particularly because they all start with the name of the programme (so you can't see the podcast date/time) 2) Saving presets is really non-intuitive - pressing what looks like it should be the save option simply kicks you back up a level - got there eventually but not sure how. 3) Saving 'favourites' is a mystery - (the difference between favourites and presets?)and what it would be really useful for i.e.saving podcasts - it doesn't seem to be able to do at all. 4) Finding podcasts is a pain, and having to re-navigate each time for repeated podcasts is a real nuisance. 5) Lack of battery recharge facility - for this price I would have expected something - at minimum the ability to buy an accessory Li-on rechargeable pack SUMMARY: Well built radio with the level of quality one might expect from Roberts. Extended features such as podcasts/favourites etc have some niggles. Great if all you want is an internet radio, but for just that it starts to look a little expensive. CONCLUSION: Despite it's shortcomings, I'm still a fan and would buy again tomorrow!