DAB/DAB+/FM Portable Radio

4.35 out of 5 by 20.

Whether you’re relaxing in the garden or having a picnic, the Unologic delivers up to 20 hours battery life, so you can enjoy crisp DAB quality sound, scrolling text, simple tuning, and one-touch access to your favourite stations for longer. You can even connect your smartphone via the line-in socket and listen to your own music collection.


Guaranteed delivery in 3 days.



    FM/DAB/DAB+ Built in
    Headphone Socket
    Yes (3.5mm stereo)
    Auxiliary input socket for playback via smartphones
    Yes (3.5mm stereo)
    On-device Control
    Mains Powered
    Battery Powered
    Battery Charging Built-in
    Yes (for NiMH cells)
    Supplied Accessories
    Mains Adaptor
    Dimensions (mm)
    202(w) x 140(h)x 70(d)


Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
DAB radio

just love it, we have one already and this model was a bit smaller. I like the way it doesn't light up in the dark. Many LED displays do so this allows sleep

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Have I done the right thing?

We had previously had a Duologic radio but I could not find one anywhere. So I was a little apprehensive about downgrading to the Unologic. However, I need not have worried as it is every bit as good. Decent sound and easy to use (including the presets) Very happy with the product.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Portable radio

This radio is just what I wanted. Easy to use, great reception and sound quality. Equally as good outside in the garden.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
An excellent radio

I previously had a UNOLOGIC radio before, but the battery spring had broken so I decided to order another

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Roberts Unologic

Good reception and excellent sound quality for a small radio.

Rating: 4/5 50 years 6 months ago
Great radio

This is a great DAB radio with a long battery life. The only reason I haven't given it 5 stars is because I think the batteries should be provided with it (although it does tell you before you buy)

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Roberts Unologic DAB/FM radio

Once set up it is easy to move between saved sites on DAB & FM. Easy to use volume control. Can be used with earphones.

Rating: 3/5 50 years 6 months ago
OK but.....

OK but not as good as the Duologic ( slightly larger but with better sound quality ) which appears to be no longer available

Rating: 3/5 50 years 6 months ago
won't work on batteries any more

I bought this a while back, because I liked the idea of not having to remove the batteries to charge them. However, the battery indicator lights now don't work, and I was having to remove the batteries and charge them separately. That was annoying but do-able, but now it won't work on batteries at all. I put 3 stars because it does still work when plugged in, but the reason for choosing it has gone. Any suggestions?

Rating: 3/5 50 years 6 months ago

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Great radio, great service

Love the unologic as it is proving a worthy replacement for my old solarDAB which, after 10 years, recently had adopted the eccentric habit of going off-station every time it heard the time pips! The first unologic I bought from Roberts in October had, to my ear, an annoying "tizzing" at certain frequencies of some voices. The replacement process from Roberts was the most painless imaginable - collection of old model and delivery of new on the same pre-arranged day.

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago

Rating: 5/5 50 years 6 months ago
Quality product, particularly for mobile use.

Very happy with this product. Was looking for a good quality DAB radio where the batteries lasted more than a few hours. This product seems to have met that goal.

Rating: 2/5 50 years 6 months ago
Almost nice enough.....

Two issues: the auto tuning is pretty vague, returning in some cases only 3 stations on DAB. Once you've found something you like, it's a gpbit of an intellectual challenge to work out how to store it at all, much less make it preset 3 when you want to. The second issue is the tone. OK, the speaker could've been bigger, but there are no adjustable tone settings, which means there's a robust performance in the bass spectrum, but the audio is totally devoid of treble harmonics. Sounds like it's wreapped inside a rugby sock. Just awful.