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Over 80 years ago, the innovative Harry Roberts and Leslie Bidmead began making portable radios from a small shop in London, initially producing just three a week. They had a simple philosophy: never compromise on quality and keep pushing the boundaries. The company has stuck to this ever since and is now the UK leader in portable radios. 

We’ve pushed the boundaries in technological advancement, and have coupled this with the latest styles and fashions to continuously create something truly unique.

Roberts is loved around the world and holds the kind of accolades rivals can only dream about. We’re very proud to have been granted two Royal Warrants as manufacturers and suppliers of radio receivers to Her Majesty The Queen and HRH the Price of Wales, which we’ve been awarded with since 1955 and 1985 respectively. 

This means that the Queen and her family have enjoyed Roberts radios at Buckingham Palace for over 60 years! From Harry Roberts starting a tiny radio shop in London, through to our appointment as a supplier to the Queen, our undying dedication to R&D has remained the focal part of our company.